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Friday, 30 November 2012

Annual Dinner

we ended November with annual dinner

something look good on camera, blog and magazine doesn't always good at the real life...
No comment from me,
but I wont make any occasion which involve eating or drinking in Istana Hotel.

we enjoyed other things though.
Met lot of friends and collegue from other company.. chit-chat, share gossip, laugh, talk..

Good fun..
Tomorrow I can start open the advent calendar...

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

2013 Planning

Year changing... means LIFE changing...?
or continue to the old plan..

4 Kilometres in  more than half hour... *even my cat can run faster


ha ha I don't know..

If I allow to make  a plan for 2013, there gona be a looooooong looooooong list
I can add everything  from stop drinking, having 50 Kg weight, until marathon as my new year resolution.


you think that will be happen?


my 2012 average filled with lot of fun and busy between work, study and stay at home..
plenty list I checked from my one-year-checklist-plan too...
it was fun and good... but NOT ENOUGH....
I CAN MAKE IT BETTER next year :)

Wasn't travel so much like 2011, but you know.. when you getting older you will travel 
or not travel with purpose. Not just buying random ticket and wander around confused.

Running is one of my good achievement too... still short distance, took me lot lot lot of minutes, 
but still better than nothing. I just need to motivated myself to run more with longer distance.

End of this year I'm going to collect total three semester with 10 subject in my pocket. 
After that we will see how strong I am, 
only then I can decide whether to take Graduation project in semester four or the following one.

Finish the study, Graduate, Convocation ceremony, taking picture with graduation hat,
 are some of the main title for my soap drama series, season 2013..

New career path, new family planning and their chaos will colour up the following season...

Sounds very easy and average plan eh..?
what you expect from average person with average look, average body weight, average problem and average life..?

don't expect too much from me... ha ha

Monday, 19 November 2012



Theory is what you wrote on facebook wall :

for you, for me, for our future, for us...

Reality  :

Malas la, taik la.. menyampah la...
kuampret la...
gembel la...
stewpit la..
donkey la...

gila la...
bodoh la....
macam setan la...

boleh belah la...

haiyaaah.... malas sudah.... campak dari tingkap kang...

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Heart Shout of the month...





I know it will never be easy..

but it can be done

and definitely worth someday...

poyo, drama dan lebay semacam...

Monday, 5 November 2012

A big big big big big breakfast

Journal by Plan B
Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Another thankful letter I sent to God for give me Sunday off. Yeah, today's class cancelled and move it to 17th November.
"How sweet it is....!"

The most relieving ad joyable day,
where I don't have to wake up at 6 and chase metro bus at 7 am sharp to avoid traffic.
No walk around carrying super heavy laptop and tons of books.

NO.. no need to do that today.. :-)

Just wake up at 7.30, watch the security change the working shift from balcony.
Sip my coffee slowly, enjoy the morning breeze
looking at worker painting the water tower..
Tempted to watch TV but my time will waste just like that if I watch TV.

So i decided to grab my running shoes, and start having lazy run around the complex.
4 kilometres in a lot lot lot lot of minutes.. little bit calories burnt..

Slow run in the morning is just nice,
not about how healthy I'm going to be. Just I like walking when the air still cold and clean.
No mat rempit roaring around, no foreign worker polluting around the air,
All just nice..  clean... and friendly...

Then walk back to wake Mr up and have some breakfast together.
well for me it is..

Latte and Cappuccino for starter

Heart shape in my latte..

 and our giant breakfast..
filling up until dinner time

I don't even need a lunch
*unusual isn't it..?

Corned beef, sunny side eggs on toast
and sauteed mushroom

Omelet on toast, 
 and sauteed mushroom for me

lot of filling

I could reckon inside of my omelet was turkey ham, onion, sliced mushroom,
and some greenish.. spinach maybe.

A nice late breakfast..
now we can home and continue to sleep :-P

Something simple that happen around the house can be very meaningful, sweet, nice and memorable
if we do it in happy mood and full of gratitude.


Sunday, 4 November 2012

What for dinner tonight : Home Made Bolognese

Here I show you how to enjoy home cooking food...

put in the big jumbo size plates to make sure the capacity big enough to  fill your stomach in

served in front of TV,
with a good movie you just downloaded

don't forget paired it with a glass of wine

dig in slowly...

pick a bit of pasta, bit of sauces..roll  and roll... and roll 

with fork, spoon and good manners

if you can't bothered to do that
or you have no "rolling" skills,  just stir it together like what I did

same results right...?

sign of greediness

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Surabaya Short Trip

6-9 October 2012
Surabaya, East Java

In our short trip to Indonesia, 

we visit this place
submarine museum

make a couple shot, and behave like an idiot here... lol

It was very fun

took a picture in unusual landmark

*when people visit Surabaya, most of them will take a picture in a statue of Shark and Crocodile.
Two animal that creates name of the city. Sura = Shark, Baya = Crocodile.

But who will go there and take picture in a hot, humid, dusty, sweaty area near the port with one travel mate who scared with sunlight.
Instead of getting good picture, we will embarrassed with too many port labor boo-hoo-ing us.

Shopping Mall with plenty free airconditioning is OK for the time being.. lol
Can't complaint too much.

make a  little time to met the old classmates who currently stay and work in Surabaya area


had a little munch and one coffee or two

took several picture

chit - chat

reload another calories

itchy hand to take pictures

the itchy hand move other people

and their turn to take my pictures... 

Instagram make my picture bit silly

then us

on different expression

with the same buddies

I can't think about another pose coz Im very hungry

Then we leave to get Lontong Opor  to die for
(rice cake in a light Indonesian style chicken curry)


Friday, 2 November 2012

Mexican Food : Can't Get Enough

One of Good Food List for My tummy


Buffalo Wing TGIF
*Don't eat in TGIF Plaza Damas
the crew are careless,
once we had dinner there... my food arrived just 15 minutes after order with a very salty taste.
And Mr' food arrived 45 min later, cold and too salty

Lamb Chop TGIF Plaza Damas
Desa Sri Hartamas

Steak came in nice way,
but 45 minutes waiting...

Chicken Fajitas,
Chili Mid Valley

a perfect lamb chop in Chili's Mid Valley

love both mashed and the cream topping

Soft Shell Tacos and Lamb Chop
nice, delicious and addictive

So far,
only TGIF Pavilion the branch which taking care the quality.
I order many things, many times there, and never feel disappointed even once.
All the food made with seriousness to satisfy the customer
The services excellent, friendly and they remember my face lol..

Chili's KLCC treat me better than Chili's Mid Valley.
Chili's midvalley not bad though, just don't order Fajitas..
seems like they don't know how to cook the rice properly..


The Best Pho In HCMC

Renaissance Riverside Saigon,
Ho Chi Minh City

Visit Vietnam wont be perfect without slurping a hot pipping bowl of beef noddle soup (Pho')
*don't ask me how to pronounce it, you may search in online dictionary.

I always love the way how Vietnamese served their food.
Fresh, Light, Full of vegetable and herbs (sometimes too much, makes me confuse between human and rabbit)

USD 15 (RM 50.00) per bowl
way too big for me though, It can feed 3 adults actually.

but I had it myself...

YUMM........ !!