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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day Off

Last day of March

welcoming April to bring more happiness

Enjoy my simple quiet breakfast

In front of TV
then shower and stare back at my laptop

GI-Joe in the afternoon..

*yes, I went to KLCC just to watch GI-Joe with college 
friend who will leave Malaysia next week,
not even eating or drinking.

I need to rush back to continue my writing

meant to copy-paste peri chicken from Nando's

but it simply fail..

taste just like another roasted chicken 

Happy Easter  everyone,

can't wrote much

I have pile of assignment to do :-P

Monday, 25 March 2013

My first cake ever

Banana Chocolate Cake

People must think that I really got nothing to do and have too much free time.
Cos I can update my blog very often, still have time to travel, and bake some cake even..

Believe me, doing or writing something different with these work, thesis, report, statistic, ship, crew, project giving a bit relief and less stress.

Baking cake has been an old conversation among  girls at the office.
One of us was crazy around to make cup cake, bring it to office
show off around and feel proud.

Every lunch conversation also not far much from 'Pavlova'
#p.s I don't even know what pavlova is.. ice skate dancer, no?

I guess I've infected by baking germ too,
makes me so curious and want to give it a try.

Baking sounds  so scary to me, as scary as drive a car.
None of my family member bake a cake or have baking equipment. 
Not my mom, my aunt, or my grandmothers.
So yeah, I have no baking skills at all.

It was the first time I bake cake myself.
I copy the recipe from here. Simple ingredient and the most important is NO MIXER
ha ha,
Believe or not. I don't even know how to use mixer!

Here is my recipe using my own measurement 
(I have no kitchen scale too...)

1/2 stick butter (I use buttercup brand)
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg (room temperature, I leave it one night outside of fridge)
3 ripens bananas (get it with black dots on the skin, it is sweeter than banana with pretty skin)
2 1/2 cup flour + 2 tsp baking powder + pinch of salt + pinch of baking soda => shifted together.
1/4 cup milk

this is my measure cup
an obvious coffee cup

The steps, I did exactly what she did.
and bake it for 170 c, 50 min
(should be, but I forgot to count the time and I didn't know how cooked cake looks like)

so yeah, I guess the cake stay too long inside of the oven 
and a bit burnt at the top

Not fluffy and airy like banana cake we bought in breakfast place.
But still taste good.

Brought some to the class on Sunday, and brought some to office today.

I feel so proud of myself... :-)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Langkawi Weekend Trip Total Expenses

Here is the main expenses of having short trip to Langkawi (exclude the food)

And this is what we did during the trip

Day 1 : Arrive and Lazy. Alcohol shopping spree,
            Lunch at Oasis and Dinner at Little Lylea
Day 2: Roam around whole island with scooter, 
           *Forgot to mentioned with struggle look for sport bar, end up with 1812 Joe Travern
             Shitty, Filthy bar with smelly owner.
Day 3: Jetski and Lazy, followed by Dinner in Mare Blue
Day 4: Being silly at Black Sands beach, Lunch at Oasis, then flight back to KL

Having short trip on the weekend doesn't have to be hassle and spend too much money when simple,
cheap, yet peaceful trip is always offer as a better option.

Not that much right....

Travel doesn't have to be complicated and hurt your pocket.. ;-)

Langkawi Trip Day 4: Black Sands Beach

On the last Day in Langkawi before we go to airport to back to Nasty Kuala Lumpur

Our flight was around 5pm that night, and we have plenty spare time after check out from hotel.
We decide to just leave the luggage at concierge and roam around with bike to kill the time.

Since we are not fan of Museum and all their friends, we  decide to check what is black sands beach.
Yeah, the sign about black sands beach are everywhere.. we thought it must be interesting to visit.

Took us around forever to reach there..

Kind of disappointing,
Black sands beach is like only 20 meter long narrow beach, with murky water and fishing boat park around.

nothing we can do beside of check, couple snap of pictures and leave

totally not worth a visit

there are a board with short explanation the legend of black sands beach
but I believe the black color came from pollution of the cement factory back behind the beach

Not much thing this area, then we decide to back to Cenang for lunch and leaving.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 3: Pantai Cenang and Their Area

It was still very early when we went to Cenang Beach,
The sun wasn't that hot and the beach still empty.
Just couple beach boy start arrange beach chair and umbrella to rent out.

We try to find a place for breakfast, but can't be bother.
Lie down on lazy chair instead, watching people walk around.

Cenang has a nice beach, just not many beach bar around.

Along the beach people rent out jetski, banana boat, parasailing, motor boat and many 
water sport

Jelly fish seen washed on sea shore, really turn off.
We also saw the alive one when we play with Jetski.

4wd car coming back and forth pick up people for parasailing.
Do I dare to try...? HELL NO...!!!!

In the afternoon after Jetski like crazy we decide to just lazy on the chair and 

Forgot to mention that Langkawi is one of the island in Malaysia where sea eagle living,
nesting and eating freely.

Nothing much I can wrote, but the picture explain how enjoyable the beach is...
YES..? :-P

Friday, 15 March 2013

Langkawi Eating Place: Little Lylea Restaurant

Somewhere in Pantai Cenang

One of restaurant we found by the beach. I must be drunk or something.
We came to this restaurant twice.
At the first night when we have no idea about the place and one afternoon when we hungry to death after whole day swim and jetski.

Some Live band inside, doesn't really caught the customer's attention
Everybody busy enjoy the breeze and their chilled drink.

I was too busy slapping mosquito,
Yes, I forgot to put repellent on.. *ding

Its actually nice isn't it

Little Lylea have strategic and pretty location.
It could create a nice dining, in nice environment with nice people serve around instead or having not-that-cheap dinner in ransack area with half stoned waitress.

Draft tiger, heineken and carlsberg sold at RM 5 a glass.
Not bad price compared with oasis restaurant (RM 7.00)

When we checked the menu, food seems cheap for local dishes.
 Its around RM 6 - RM 12 for rice and noodle..
*fyi, there were only 4 asian dishes on the menu :-P
The rest were pasta (RM 22 above) and BBQ seafood,
lamb and beef (RM 35 above) Not cheap eh... almost same price with Chilis or TGIF.

Looking at the restaurant condition,.we were bit suspicious. If the waitress stoned, a big chance that the chef are at the same condition.
How would my steak turn like..??? errr...
ha ha.. after a while we decide to choose the cheapest food with reason if its fail we can just leave without grumble. If its good, we can order something else next time.
both of my food came ok, bit disappointing. My tomatoes has caterpillar bite on it.. (Glad not the caterpillar on my food).

our lunch


Dinner with sands on feet by the beach remind me with perhentian Island (Perhentian has better shape tho) nice and romantic.
I just feel shame, this restaurant has a strategic area.

High potential to look nicer if both the owner and worker put little effort to clear up
those dead branch, dry twigs and leaves. Tidy up the fence, clean up broken concrete and construction.waste, plastic, cup noodle container,
paint the wall, give enough sunlight and air, and maybe... repair the broken furniture too..
I spot way too many thing that could done better rather than ignored.
I guess we would never visit that place again unless they do some renovation. Or at least, clean up the dirt lah.....
we will go next door instead in Rafii Restaurant.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Langkawi Eating Place : 3 Amigos Restaurant

Dinner... Sigh...
We ran out an option..!
After disappointing dinner by the beach and lunch we think to change the menu.

We choose Mexican restaurant tonight. Little Mexico in Pantai tengah was closed,
 then we went to 3 Amigos with scooter.

Yes, we in love with this scooter. So cool...
Can beat traffic jam
Even give us idea to buy the same scooter to put in KL garage.
Just in case we want to go around to pick some beer or dinner out.

Anyway, we reach 3 amigos just 5 min ride.

Place are good, interior tidy, waiter and waitress are sober and able to communicate in proper way.
Nobody seems stoned here :-P
3 Amigos operates together with Viva Italia restaurant. They shared part of their kitchen too.

Sometimes in the evening, they will have some live musician with his guitar to play several music then expected some little money from the customer.

Its not bad, the money we gave were worth the song. He sang an OK song which some of the guess even enjoy it too (not me... I was too busy play with my phone)

somebody gave frowning look when saw his food :-P

I order my Tacos at RM 25, and the food came like this.....
XL sized tortilla,
1 1/2 spoons meat, and pile of lettuce.
No guacamole or salsa provided.

Mr's Mixed grill Fajitas  (RM 59.00) and the food were came on that way  ==>>>
All meat overcooked, served with 2 tortilla bread. Again no salsa, no guacamole,
and no sour cream for him ( worse than my food) ha ha
We saw the italian menu. The price range are almost same with most of the restaurant in Langkawi.
Cheapest pasta was RM 22 and above, for Aglio Olio.

Kind of disappointing, because the food are not satisfying at all.
The taste were OK according to me, just they don't have an idea and need more training about what to served in Mexican Food.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Langkawi Trip Day 2 : We Rent Scooter..!!

At the 2nd day in Langkawi, we plan to explore around the island.
Langkawi is quite small, we can round whole island just for couple hours.

After breakfast we we decide to rent motorbike instead of car.
We choose scooter provided by happymart in Cenang.
The shop is just on the right side from Sunset Beach Resort.
Actually there were plenty place provide motorbike for rent, but we saw Happy Mart have lot of brand new scooter to rent.

We paid RM 70 for 2 days used.
Fuel for this bike is cheap too, approx RM 5 for full tank
and we don't even need to refill after ride in the whole island.

we are ready to conquer the island lol... :P

There were not much thing to see in Langkawi.
Since we are not fan of visiting Museum, building and theme park.
Not much nice beaches around the area.


Any cheap stuff we can buy...?

So we just motorbike along the road enjoy the greenery.
we checked Kuah Jetty area and had some drink in yacht club, then straight away ride back.
Lunch was a confusing too. I guess because we have no idea which restaurant are open which one closed. From the main road, most of restaurant seems closed.
Only several Seafood Malay and Chinese restaurant open, but that is not really interesting too.

Mr interviewed the waiter..
"Did you showered and shampoo-ed this morning..?"

Waiter said : The last time I touch shampoo was Christmas eve 2011

Last for half dead hungry people, we stop at Breakfast bar and ordered chicken rice, juice and coffee.
Chicken Rice came ok (RM 5.50), coffee came ok too with sugar and milk served separate (RM 3.00), Mango Juice was bottled cordial mixed with water and ice (RM 4.00).
However the bill came amazingly, RM 27 for the food we ate.
Again the waiter was look stoned, some of them have dreadlocks hairstyle and watching us weird. I keep guessing maybe I was the only nerd person enter their area.

We can't think much but back to the hotel for rest, drink and nap.
After beer- grocery in duty free shops, we just straight away back to hotel.
We need to stay up whole night for Dinner and watch Man U games at 11pm then Rugby afterward.

We were tired after roam around almost half of the island.....

Monday, 4 March 2013

Langkawi Accommodation : Sunset Beach Resort

Jalan Pantai Cenang
(Walking distance to Zon duti free)

I can said this place is very convenient when we stay  in Langkawi.
Everything reachable withing walking distance.
Start from duti free shop, eating place, cheap bar, motorbike rent, quiet beach and sports area.

I was plan to stay some place near sandy beach resort or tanjung malie, but I thought it going to be
very crowded and noisy coz those area have so many bar, sports centre and backpacker place.

The entrance of the resorts.
All green and friendly.
Seems really quiet like nobody stay here, but actually all the room are occupied.
I guess they purposely create a quiet environment for the guest to get privacy and relax.

Nothing really disappointing here, all get A- mark.

Start from toilet, bed, air-conditioning,  water heater and hot shower ALL CLEAN AND work nicely.
The room was ready long time before we check-in. They even spray with ridsect (Mosquito spray) and switch on the airconditioning earlier.

Sheets are clean too. they change it each day without we asked.

Just the pillow is bit hard and give me neck pain.

I like the decoration in this resort,
ceramic glasses, pot, flower vase looks like handmade and imported from somewhere (ahem... Indonesia)

Open air toilet and shower... NICE...!

Birds watching us while we do the business..
Can chit chat too :-P

Garden was built in a nice concept.

Lush greenery..
But I could see that the management do not bother to train the employee to maintain the area.
Dead branch, leaves and twigs everywhere.

Teak wood on their ceiling, furniture, wood carving decoration and some exterior need to polish (I guess they never polished it, since the first time they build the place)
i know coz my house made from wood..

I want to complaint a bit about breakfast.
Breakfast provide by the resort is very simple and limited option.
I only see basket of bulk bread, 4 trays of fruits, 1 tray local food (fried beehoon), 2 container of cereal, coffee and tea.
Each guests also offered 2 eggs with cooking option either scramble, omelette, hard boil or soft boil.

We can't even order nasi goreng kampong, mie goreng mamak, or roti canai (I really wish.. and I believe guest would happier if the breakfast have several variation with some charge)
I don't mind to pay ala carte on food I order, rather than eating same eggs everyday (bisul you know...!)

What a shame hotel's restaurant do not operate on lunch, dinner or simple selling beer for the guests.
The building become useless once after breakfast finish.

those root hanging here and there make it look even old.
trim.. trim... trim...!!!!!

My view every morning during breakfast

this view make the resort bit expensive

Left view... A nice water with pregnant maiden island on the middle.

you can imagine that is giant woman lied on the sea, 
with two bump was breast and tummy
(the head covered by other island)

Friday, 1 March 2013


There are plenty of happy time
Not less sad time tho

one or two bitchy drama color up our days too..
add in little moody and blue days packed everything up

we drink champagne when we have money,
we had Ribena when we need to save for something.

Dear God,
please teach us to say more thank you for everything you gave to us
please teach us how to show more grateful for every bless you send to us :)


Osama Nandos bin Laden

gambar ini...

berkenaan ke...?

Korean Food in Cup