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Friday, 29 August 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip 3: Telok Cempedak

Lanjut - Kuantan - Cherating

Another long hours of driving (luckily wasn't me) from Lanjut to Kuantan. We were look for any restaurant and grocery place to fill up our cooler box. It was a nice drive because all the way were traditional village, beach, and jungle. The bad thing was we can't find any Hypermarket to buy canned drink and ice cube.

Kuantan is kind of friendly place to travel. The city is not so big, but the Govt is taking care their place  so well. 

Luckily Telok Cempedak Kuantan is a place i really familiar with. I knew every single corner where to find what. We stop at some Chinese Grocery Store in Kuantan and filled up our cooler box with plenty ice cubes, fruits, beer, water and canned juice.

awhh... suddenly I feel secure...!!
Then we continue to Hyatt Regency for room and lunch

Latte in Hyatt

I thought I could just land my back on the bed and relax, or snooze.... But Hyatt got no room for us.
After lunch we continue to drive up to north to Cherating. It was almost evening when we reach Cherating and none of the hotel available. Both Impiana, Holiday Villa, Legend... zero...

I was ready to sleep in the car with my air pillow and Air Asia emergency blanket but Mr. convince me that he will find a decent hotel for me to sleep.

From the Kuantan - Kemaman road, We turn right to one small hidden road we've never noticed before heading to the seashore.

We were surprised that along the road were plenty Guest Houses, Cheap Hotel, B&B with cheap pub and beer all the way. Remind me with Pantai Chenang Langkawi.

We found a nice cheap Chalet to crash tonight.

Chalet in Eastana Beach Hotel

Surprisingly nice compared to my expectation.
A clean bed, clean shower, good linen, nice towel
Just the pillows have been squarely weird.

In the afternoon we had free and easy by the beach with cooler box, chilled juice and chips.

Dinner at Panorama Seafood 

Cheap, good food, and nice like usual.
It is a Chinese style seafood restaurant just next to Legend Hotel Cherating.
Approx 10 min drive from our hotel.

We slept around 11:00pm before we continue the Journey to North without any proper destination.
And that was Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip: Part 2, Lanjut Golf and Beach Resort

From Air Papan beach resort, we were heading North to look for a place for lunch. It wasn't very easy because of Ramadhan, and we took the east coast remote road which barely people live around.

It took us a couple hours in driving without direction while we look for some place to eat and rest.

It was dark and we need a place to crash on.

We found a hotel near the sea called Endau Beach Resorts, it took us 30 min to drive there.
But when we reach the place. It was an EMPTY resort. Without any car or light on the guest room.

Scared to get disappointed with the surprise there, we decide to turn back and look for another hotel. Thanks to Google and Waze, we found another hotel after 15 minutes drive heading to North. Finally, we found out another random hotel to check-in.

After browse briefly and seems all the review in the Trip Advisor about Lanjut Golden Beach Resort was not good, but we got no choice and we have decide to just book and sleep. VERY EXHAUSTED....!!!

The hotel was in the middle of nowhere. I bet when it managed well, it will made an awesome getaway just to runaway from any noises, gadget, and just hiding. But I bet not... This hotel is falling apart.

Green Swimming Pool
The architect's fault for choosing a wrong tile color

A not so bad environment,
Just bad maintenance

a nice surrounding

The first time I saw a hotel charge from using the swimming pool.
Which not even a good pool..


I can't deny the room is huge.
we got 2 queen size bed for 2 people, which end up with one bed empty.

I was so grateful for whatever bed or hotel I got that night, I was hungry and exhausted. Sleep like a dead person. In the morning breakfast was awful, Mr decide to let himself hungry and try to find a food somewhere (which later he can only eat after he reach Hyatt Kuantan... boo....!!!!)

Not a bad experience, at least I got a good deep sleep before we continue the trip.

falling apart golf place

We heading north now

To Kuantan for lunch..

Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Experience Using Dove Whitening Deodorant

This is kind of underarm conversation,
Might be gross for some people, but us... women... hell..!! its super important.

I love to wear both sleeves and sleeveless white shirts. But I always face problem after a while the armpit area will stained yellow from the roll-on mixed with sweat. 
Make me look so un-hygienic... yes, embarrassing... 

Other than that, women give a lot of concern to their armpit too... We have our own way to de-haired our delicated area. Plucked, Waxed, Shaved, Chemical, IPL, anything you name it...
Once the skin exposed, we just realized..
"Why it's darkening...."
"Eh, why it looks like chicken skin with a lot of ugly bum...."
"Sigh... the razor was too sharp, it shaves my skins too..."
"Ouch... the deodorant burn my underam"

Many more owh and ouch-ing when we talk about underarm, till my officemate ask me to try Dove Whitening and to feel the difference in 7 days.

I choose the smallest pack to make it easier to put in a handbag.

When I open them it was almost no aroma, which are => LESS CHEMICAL

Today is my 3rd day using Dove, so far everything nice.
I like the smooth feeling of my underarm and I love that all my shirts didn't show any stain.

Will see the results on the next 7 days.. *wink

Here is the tip for plucking or shaving... Which I guess most of us done it wrong
eh... :-P

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cheating Bakso (Meat Ball Soup)

Bakso aka Meatball noodle soup is now famous both in Malaysia too.
But living in Segambut area, eventhough most of them are Indonesian communities you will hardly find 
any decent Indonesian food along the place.

On Sunday, when I have plenty time to cook. I browse around the easiest recipe I could find to fill my crave.
And wala.... I made myself bakso.

Here is the Ingredients:

1 pack of sup tulang mix powder (small)
1 litre water
Couple pcs beef bone
5 cloves garlic
Salt, pepper
pcs frozen meatball 
=> mix all the ingredients, and boil until the meat around the bone soft and tender.

1. little bit of glass noodle / soohun / beehoon soaked in a hot water until soft
1/4 pack of yellow noodle (I use instant noodle)
2 pcs tofu ( I use yong tau foo)

1 tbs chopped parsley
1 tbs chopped spring onion
1 tbs fried onion
1 tbs sweet soy sauce + chili

Once all the ingredient cook and soft,
arrange them in the bowl and pour with the soup

sprinkle all the condiment, as per taste

I just realize that I am too greedy, and put everything make my bowl super crowded.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Social: Fried Rice

Being too lazy to cook for late lunch....

We went to Publika and wander around.

There are plenty restaurant in Publika, but kerana dah tiap-tiap hari lalutengok, dan makan kat sana... rasa bosan itu ada juga lah...

Kalau dah bosan tahap seperti ini, selalunya kita akan pergi ke The Social.
Our almost daily eating place.
We almost know anyone work here, start from bartender and services area.
Some of them are people who actually work in the Social in Bangsar Village.

Order pun we choose a food that almost having a similar taste with home cooking.

Nasi Goreng dan Kopi

Atas, Nasi Goreng Basil for RM 16
Bawah, Nasi Goreng Biasa for Rm 16
Kopi for RM 8

Mahal sangat ka...??
not really

Cider for RM 29 (ini yang mahal..)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sup Kaki Ayam (Chicken Feet Soup)

Many people think I was crazy with putting a bunch of chicken feet in my bowl..

(Westerner thinks like that, we are Asian love it a lot)
the gelatinous feeling and the soft bone,
maybe suck the liquid out..

well, it was a childhood enjoyment eating chicken feet in front of TV on the rainy day

Yesterday we went to cold storage and saw a packet of chicken feet, which makes me feel that I should grab one while I could and made a nice clear soup just to enjoy in front of the TV.

The key of making nice chicken feet soup is clean the feet, cut all the nails (claws) *whatever
Rub with lime juice and salt, and wash.
The last step is to blanch the chicken in boiling water to clear up the excess fat and gelatin


10 pcs chicken feet, cleaned and blanched
1 knob young ginger, minced
2 cloves garlic
1/4 tsp white pepper
1 tbs spring onion
4 cups water

Additional (only if you like)
- Carrot
- Potato
- Mushroom

How To:
1. Boil water, and add in all the ingredients
2. Leave them cook, add in salt a bit
3. Before serve, sprinke some spring onion

easy peasy

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hari Raya Road Trip: Part 1

I was planning to back to my hometown on Hari Raya this year, but too bad I only receive my passport on the last day of Ramadhan. Feel frustrated because I couldn't get my ticket to fly to Indonesia yet I can't bother to book some last minute trip just because the price gone up like mad.

Mr offer me if I want to do some trip... Which I can't even think what, where and with whom. Mr manage to organize a plan which I think it's quite fun


Anyway, he made a quick plan and route to destination which I totally got no idea what to do. Basically, trip was divide into 3 major.

Kuala Lumpur is heading to the south east of peninsula Malaysia toward Mersing.
From Mersing heading up to Kelantan via East Coast road
From Kelantan to Cameron Highland via Gua Musang, 
Last Cameron Highland - Kuala Lumpur

I would like to say thank you to Mr to drive around here and there like a maniac in a such a small car. Scared me to death. Thanks to Waze and Google Map for the super kind help so that we don't have to waste our time to get lost somewhere. Good thanks to Cooler box for taking care all my fruits, juice, beer, and the most important is my cider.

It was Saturday late morning we just awake and throw everything we could think in our small suitcase. Pick any drink in the fridge and throw them in our cooler bag. We stop a taxi heading to Jalan Ampang to WS Car rent. Lucky they give us brand new Myvi in a regular price.

No Durian... ahh... come on...

Kuala Lumpur to Mersing was taking around 4.5 hours, we missed the turn and got lost on several highways , but in the end we reach Mersing.

At the first time we reach Mersing, I was so disappointed. I keep thinking that Mersing would be a nice blue-sandy beach instead the beach was muddy, dry and the water was far away from the sore. We can't even find a place to get some lunch too.. All the place was closed like a dead town.

I was so disappointed, sad, and hungry make Mr turn the car all the way to look for some food. But we still couldn't get any, end up with eating KFC in one random store.

On the way to north, Mr took a chance to wander around the area. Well, the google map said it was only taking 19 mins to go to the next beach, but I feel that we went for up to 30 min (with plenty confusion and lost somewhere)

The Air papan beach was quite nice, in the acceptable way. Several hotels, resort and budget guest house around too.. Just not many facilities around. No convenience store, no food stall, no restaurant. I was thinking we will stay overnight in the Air Papan area and having a relaxed Saturday, but Mr decides to continue the journey up to the north.

Sorry for no picture, I don't even know why I haven't taken any picture here. I remember: I was too hungry to do anything... My mind went into FOOD FOOD and FOOD...