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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Roasted Chicken

Homemade Roasted Chicken,
one of my fave...

In this life, nothing like home cooking food.
You can't compare with any food in restaurant.

I love home cooking because :
- I know where the ingredient from, and how was it
  (farm market, cold storage, carefour or giant, fresh, defrost, canned,  old, new, buy, steal, snatch, cut properly or road kill.....)
  *last part is the important, everybody knows road-kill is haram..
- I can adjust how much salt, oil, butter, pepper, fat inside of my food... as what I desire..

- I know what the chef put inside of my food with my special request
  Believe me, you can't say like this to the chef in restaurant

  " hey.. hey...hey... I want the skin crispy but the meat moist OK.."
  " No No.. don't put too much salt, or I will die faster"
  "What brand your olive oil is..?"
  " Let me do.. let me do... Let me stir the sauces, please.." => with my nagging style of course
  " Can I have mashed potato half portion only..?"
  " Can I taste the gravy a bit? I am really hungry.."
 " Don't cut.. don't cut... I need to take a picture..."
 " Hey... WAIT..... I am not done yet, another shoot please...!!!"

If you eat in restaurant, they will kicked you out from the kitchen...
coz you are so f**** annoying...

the naked chicken with lemon stab in her bum,
OUCH....! Gay Chicken....!!!!

At home, you can even drink their wine..
steal some carrot while the chef checking the corn..
Or share today's gossip in the office.. or your stupid love story,
about your crazy boyfriend, your stupid date, the guy you talk online.. ANY.. ANY.. ANYTHING... 
You can share anything to the chef 
(It's actually strategy if you are lazy like me, instead of helping... you are sit next to them and keep talking)
Or munch the pringles and eat their banana..

can't wait.. can't wait... can't wait...
the smell fill up the whole house


After one hour..

A sexy goldie, bronzie, meaty, plummy, curvy chicken..
Jennifer Lopez, you may balik kampong coz this chicken is way sexier than you tonight.......

And definitely I know which part I want to put on my plate..

Another great thing about home cooked food,
you can adjust your portion too...
Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large or Extra Hungry..
and keep the left-over for chicken salad, or sandwich tomorrow..
(you dare to do that if you eat in restaurant...?)

mueheeheehhehee... no you don't..!

Jamie Oliver's book peeking out under the table..

Served with roasted corn, roasted carrot,
and mashed potato...

Could've upload the before eaten plate,
but I am way too hungry and my camera were pain in the ass with the light setting.
please bear with my half eaten yummy roasted chicken....

Don't get jealous...!!!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day,

St. Patrick day, not really sure about the complete story,
but here St. Patrick is another day where the beer brewer and alcohol seller
try to push their product.

I went nowhere during the celebration.
Just stay at home  and library,  look for literature for my assignment.
(what a nerd... yeah!)

with the kindness, tonight I joined the celebration...
(in the kitchen, not in a pub. Watched naked chicken not naked chicks dance on the pole)

Drank Guinness Stout...

From Guinness Pint...

With my name on it...

CUTE ISN'T IT....!! 

am i happy..?

yes I am very happy....

*you don't have to spend so much money to make people around you happy. 
 Sincerity count more :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Candle Light Dinner

I want candle light dinner tonight,

but too lazy to go out, coz we need to finish up the vampires series we've download.
and one more series about clinic and doctors who always able to diagnose a weird disease (House..?)

Not Sure,
I am not good at choosing series on TV, the only series I follow regularly was ER (Emergency Room) and Dawson Creek. It was long time a go when I was 16 or 17 yo.
*I watch ER because George Clooney play there.
  Handsome, Sexy-Mexy and addicting... ;-)
I never addicted to anything afterward except travel and eating.
**That is not true, haha..
    I am very easy addicted to something, game, series, book, novel, website...
    That is the reason why I avoid watch TV or start play game in computer.
    Once I hooked up, I will end up with would not sleep before I finish all the stage or series.

Very wasting time...

Ok, back to the topic.
So we went to BIG (Ben's supermarket), bought the food for take away.
Run back to the house and...

ta.. da...

Cottage Pie, Pasta salad, Mushroom salad
and Cauliflower with cheese

Quiche, Pasta Salad and Mushroom Salad

Cauliflower cheese too

and white wine

with a pile of remote control

in front of TV

Candle lighr dinnet at home
Nice and comfy,
I don't have to wear my tight, tiny dress and full of make up (no fake eyelashes needed).
I can wear my worned out running short, tank top..
and I allow to misbehave...!

Twilight Saga after this...?

Nice eh..?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

After Run Breakfast

Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

Like Solaris Dutamas very much,
My best friend choose a great place to live.
Shop, Supermarket, Drinking Place, Eating Place,
Clinic, Pharmasi, Mamak-Shop, Indian Curry House, 7-Eleven,
swimming pool, Taxi Stop, Jogging place in one step and walking distance.

So yes,
I have new running place now.
Maybe I can get free ice lemon tea after run..
convenient..!!! haha

Ikea stuff for decoration

I've been looking at this restaurant for a while,
I am in love with the interior
Fancy and chic..

very catchy
Too bad I didn't bring my camera, and I am shy taking picture of the restaurant with my
camera phone.

Some more so many people have their breakfast there,
sure they will look at me with  a weird look...

nice latte..

RM 10++

Scramble Eggs, toast, sauted mushroom and baked bean..
simple but nice

RM 18+++

mine, look scary
(I also don't know why I have an idea to order this)
Scramble eggs mixed with spinach and avocado (I guess...)
and feta cheese

but nice and filling up

RM 18++

nice view too...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Dinner For The Weeknight , NACHOS......!!!

The Bee Restaurant
Solaris Dutamas
Kuala Lumpur

Here what I like about Solaris Dutamas,
you can find everything in one area.

Include if you crave for cheesy, yummy... Nachos made from crispy tortilla chips... top up with lot of chili con, meat, salsa, sour cream
and dollop guacamole...

1500 calories, I am happily eat you..!!!

Call my BFF, to share calories join me dinner.

and here we are....

Nice cold beer in a cute glass

my Nachos definitely

Nice enough, Rm 18+++
plenty cheese and jalapeƱo pepper.
But I can't deny, no Nachos as nice as what I had at The Social (Bangsar Village)

Calamary Ring served with fried sweet potato and potato..
Calamary was nice, bit too salty.
both fried potatoes very greasy. Hard to swallow

I load back all the calories I burnt the whole weekdays..
never mind, tomorrow will go run again...!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sausages, Mashed Potato and Onion Gravy

At Home,
By my own hand...

There is a question why I like to cook western food rather than Asian food.
Do I really crazy about western food?
Actually NO. I love nasi lemak, I love ikan asam pedas, I love beef rendang, I love chicken satay..
I cook western food because its sooo easy to remember the ingredient.
Salt, Pepper.. and done..

You can imagine if you want to make rendang, or masak lemak cili api.
There are looong list spices and herbs to slices, to grind, to sauted, to add coconut milk, to keep stir, to simmer..
**you think I can remember all of them without fail?

so yeah, ha ha..
when I am at home alone, and I have nobody to have dinner with..
I cook as simple as I could. And this food taught by one of my friend.
The different, she use proper Italian sausages, with lot of bits inside.
Where I use cheap-stupid- Ayamas Jumbo Sausages..
**Carefour doesn't have nice Italian sausages. BIG or Mercato might have.

Here I would share how I cook
And Finally I can make a nice, soft mashed potato even just only with fork and bowl.

Mashed Potato :
- 3 Potatoes, choose the yellow / pink colour, and have very thin skin
   (don't ask me what is that, Australian or Russette potato I guess)
- Chives, choped well
- Fresh Milk ( 1/4 cup)
- Butter ( 1 spoon )

Boil potato with pinch of salt until soft. Drain well
Mixed with other ingredient.
mashed with fork

Onion Gravy :
- Half Yellow Onion, Slices in ring
- 3 cloves garlic, minced
- 2 tbs Heinz blackpepper sauces
- 1/2 cup water

Sauted onion and garlic with the left-over grease from the Sausages until wilted and soft.
Add in blackpepper sauces and water.
Leave it boil and thick

Ha ha, you think I will make blackpepper sauce from scratch..
No way,  I wont even dare to eat...

Oh well,
this is how I survive with food.
Creative isn't it..? =D

Monday, 12 March 2012

Simple Weekend Getaway

This is how we enjoy weekend when we don't have any plan to travel

yes, we don't have money and don't have time too...
I need to keep myself stay in Kuala Lumpur and DO NOT LET MYSELF TIRED
because I need to finish up my assignment.

And next couple months I will way too busy travel here and there anyway.
No class, No travel, No Roam around
So yeah...
spend weekend in Kuala Lumpur with do nothing is kind of different luxury....

soak up in a olive and aloe  bubble bath...

Call up the best friend,
said nicely
"Can I borrow your bath tub..?"
" I bring my own bubble bath, towel and the drink..."
"I am promised to behave..."

100% they will said "Sure why not...!!!"
as a survey, people who has bath tub in their house
most of them even don't bother to use...
they very seldom use it.
they will just happy if some friend came and use it.
No wasted for them install the stuff.
**I said MOST of them, maybe super stingy people wont let you touch anything

And people like me, who doesn't have bath tub and jacuzzi in the apartment,
is always craving for soaked my body in a hot water and bubble bath.

open up French Champagne to start the evening...
*big thanks for the smuggler get me good stuff in a good price,
couldn't afford to buy it in Malaysia dept store

Download some movie from internet..

I feel like I am in a luxury resort somewhere


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Back To School Pub and Restaurant

Solaris Dutamas
(Apartment, shopping complex and office complex )
Kuala Lumpur

I like the idea

Excellence in drinking...

I might get A++ for this!

affordable food

and snacks..

Just the beer,
served in long tall glass.

not chill enough..

i could understand, the glass is too long to fit in their cooler.

remind me with my primary school

wonder what diciplinary teacher taste like...

sounds like a porn, hahah

spicy chicken wings...

nice place to hang out...

I like Solaris Dutamas

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Macaroni Soup

Another cut cost, diet,
**or lazy menu

always happen after we back from trip...

when lazy bugs bite me, then we became very lazy even to cook to feed ourselves.
At this time, one dish meal are the nice, simple and keep me alive.

and healthier I believe...

Monday, 5 March 2012



Here is the money from.....

Here is the money gone...

I just noticed that I am very brown and cute =P