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Monday, 29 July 2013

The Broken Shoulder Chronicles


Surprise in the first half of Ramadhan

Unexpectable weekend eh...?!?

It was a sunny and pretty Friday when we planned about many things for a weekend,
include buy gold fish in Pudu Market for the fish tank, made Shepherd Pie for Iftar,
wait my sister to come over from Penang and have some teh tarik together.

Send my sister to the airport on Sunday, and go to Ikea afterward to buy some lighting.

Sounds like a perfect weekend....

It was a perfect plan until the evening when we had showered and the pizza hut came,
Mr just jump from to shower and ran to pick up the call.

No dry the body, no dry the feet..
Ran with full speed....

Couple seconds after he went out, I heard a big loud arch.... ooowww... heeelllpp.... between phone ringing. I saw a big Godzilla lie on the floor holding his arm.
*1st injury, broken shoulder

I was in the between two choices either I helping him first, or pick the call.
I decide to just cover him with a blanket, and pick the call, and get my pizza.

After collect my pizza, I Tried to help by pulling him up, but I end up with falling over on his body.
*2nd injuries happen, dislocated joint

Friday Night in Emergency Room

It doesn't take us so long to decide to go to hospital,
thanks to My-taxi apps. We don't have to make so much call to book a taxi nor waiting on the roadside 
like and idiot.

40 mins later we were in the hospital,
With a very slow ER personnel.
I think if I am very sick, I will choose to die rather than waiting for them give me a treatment.

Sunday Morning

My sister came to visit on Sunday Morning before she fly to Jakarta for Hari Raya.
Leave two of us behind in this sad hospital.

No surgery yet,
everybody wait in a very bored mood
The painkiller doesn't really work
I guess its realllyyyy huurrttssss....

Sunday Afternoon

Finally at 2.30 pm nurse came in and give a lot of injection to papa-san,
It was very quick,
next 10 minute they take him go and back again at 5:30 pm

He still drowsy and confuse when he back to the room,
Remind me with my cat at the time I picked him from the vet for surgery.
Kind of confused, upset and bite me.

Latte and swollen arm

No Gin-tonic,
No Tequila,
No Mojito,
No Tiger...
Just not-so-good latte from expensive Starbucks is enough..
Watch stupid series, before another injection to help sleep..
(I really wish the nurse give me sleeping injection too... that would be good for me)

Monday Night

Getting sick with the boring taste-less, cold hospital food
I decide to sneak in some Chicken Rice and Curry Noodle for dinner.
Afterwork, I just stop over in nasi-ayam place under the condo, and tapau some to bring to the hospital.

Bored with the tiny room,
we wander around in the lounge for free coffee.
Free coffee...? YES, FREE COFFEE and comfy couch..

but not so long,
the place is closed at 10.00pm

wander around with cold-pack

Get well soon papa-san..
We go home as fast as we could,
This hospital is very boring.. I know....

Thursday, 25 July 2013


A French Cuisine at home...?
eh, why not...

We had this boy sitting in our fridge for many days,
I am so itchy to remove them somewhere or do something about them.
But I have totally no experience in cooking zucchini except grill it and toss with vinegary-sauce. (And I don't like the taste at all.....)

Been asked Mr to look for idea what to do with the Zucchinies,
He mentioned about Ratatouille which I have no idea what  is that except the cartoon I watched couple years
ago in cinema

At the first time I was bit worry, was it will taste so zucchini or cucumbery and their friends..?
But I just say yes, and give a try

cook each ingredient separately

Mr show me how to cook, and this is his recipe  how to make it step by step

Its kind of fry - fry - fry...
then mix all together,
the last bit is add in water and some tomato paste.

Is it really simple like that...?
It is simple.. just need an extra patient to cook and fried every vegetable separately, one-by-one,
and the quality of the ingredient is one of the key too...
(so, don't take anything which are not fresh)

good to serve with any meat

I like this food even it made from vegetable which looks like and taste like cucumber..
Even I had it on the next day too for my fasting-break

In fact, I love this new food...

my tummy loves you...

Latte afterward....

Monday, 22 July 2013


Biarkan saja kekasihmu pergi
Teruskan saja mimpi yang kau tunda
Kita temukan tempat belajar, sahabatku..

Ku percayakan langkah bersama
Aku ragu, kan berbagi denganmu

Kita mencari
Jati diri
Meraih mimpi...

Aku bernyanyi
Untuk sahabat
Aku berbagi
Untuk sahabat

Kita bisa
Jika bersama

Moral of the story :

Losing your relationship is not the end of the world..

Sounds hurt..
Well, it is hurt.

But if you think again.. WISELY
and you list down..  WISELY

There are more than billion thing make your life worth a happiness :-)

La la la la la la...

iPhone 5 Fever

one person bought iPhone 5....

then everybody want to buy it too...

Well, it is worth

iPhone 5 is cool and super fast

*please don't compare with my samsung galaxy I've showered many times in the pool, beach and bath tub

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Chicken Wrap

On the Lazy Sunday,
We decide to cook something simple and easy to eat.
Mr has been caught by bad fever and I don't think he will like spicy and strong food.
Chicken wrap is very easy and full of vegetables.
So, I guess it's safe for everybody's tummy

It took me only 20 min to cook and arrange. 

Stir Fried Chicken: 
1. 500gr boneless chicken, diced 
2. 2 tbs mustard 
3. 3 tbs honey 
4. Couple dashes of Tabasco 
5. Worchestire Sauce 
6. Salt & Pepper 

Marinated chicken with the mixed sauced at least for 2 hours, stir fried in the pan. 
Add 1/2 cup of water. 
Cover until chicken cook and tender. 

Vegetable Salsa
- 1 carrot, sliced thin 
- 1/2 cucumber, diced 
- 10 cherry tomatoes, halved 
Coriander leaves 
- 3 tsp olive oil 
- Lime juice from 1 big lemon 
Salt and pepper to taste.

Mixed all the ingredient, chilled in the fridge until served.

The fun thing about having this food is about arranging them.

Step 1
Heat tortilla wraps in microwave or pan for 30 second.

Step 2
Arrange lettuce and chicken

Step 3
Add in Salsa mix

Step 4
Top up with steamed sweet corn, sour cream and grated cheese.

You have your dinner within 30 min.
Easy riiggghhtt.....

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ramadhan 2013

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan without buying food from bazaar Ramadhan is so hard to do for me.
However I've been promised to myself to minimize the "ta-pau" food during this season.

Yeah, the experienced of bad tummy from a bad food on last year season was terrible enough.

Home-cooking dinner when I'm alone at home??
Lazy dinner is OK
Very least effort ;-)

Break Fast Day 1

Day 2

Healthy enough...??

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Asem Asem Buncis

Another childhood food for me

I remember I ate this soup almost everyday for many many years without feel bored.
Just like another family who live in a very hot tropical country,
Clear soup becomes a "most" dishes to feed the family especially who has hyperactive kids.
We really need extra liquid to moist the rice.. (So it's easier to munch and to swallow)

Been a couple days I'm craving for soup with a different taste of the normal boring vegetable soup.
But can't afford to eat overly sharp Tom Yam.

When we walk around in the grocery store,  I found a good beef bone in the frozen section.
What a lucky...!!!
Immediately pick couple packs and boil it in the slow cooker to make a good broth.

This sweet-sour-spicy-soy-y soup becomes one of the weeknight dinner alternatives in our place.

- 1 pack of meaty beef bone (about 400 grams)
- 2 liter water
Boil on a slow cooker or low heat for couple hours

- 1 pack french bean, cut into 2 inches
- 1 carrot. Peel and slice
- 2 green tomatoes
- 1tbs tamarind juice
- 2 tbs sweet soy sauce ( Indonesian)

To sauted :
- 4 garlic, slices
- 1 big onion, slices
- 3 red chili, slices
- 1tbs cooking oil
-  Slice of galangal

sauted onion, garlic, chili and galangal. 
Add in beef broth leave it to boil.
Add in vegetable, soy sauce, tamarind juice. Cook till vegetable tender.
Add salt and pepper for a taste.


Another variation to replace a boring veggie soup for weeknight dinner..

Friday, 12 July 2013

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I had this food for the first time in Vung Tau, a couple years ago.
Since then I am in love with this bland-boring-tasteless food

I said that Vietnamese Spring Roll is quite tasteless,
It is really tasteless.. (But I like it)
Made from a bunch of Vegetable (carrot, coriander leaves, mint leaves, and lettuce)
You may choose any lettuce you like, no special rules.
Boiled Prawn, Grilled Chicken, Bihun, Vietnamese Rice paper and some sauces.

The taste of the food made from the super salty Hoisin sauce and sweet Thai Chili sauce.
Some people might find this food is tasteless and boring,
But its fresh and healthy...

Most of the Ingredients

Arrange and wrapping is part of the joy in making this food.
I feel like I am in kindergarten play with my origami paper.

Soaked a dry rice paper in a cold water, just for a couple seconds.
Don't soak too long of it will soggy.

Lay it on the dry plates.
Add in lettuce, carrot and cucumber.
Top with cooked bihun, shredded roasted chicken, coriander leaves and mint leaves.
Last, add in prawn and wrap tight and nicely like when we wrap envelopes.

Ready to munch..

Would love to eat this everyday... :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Penang Weekend Getaway : The Northam All Suites

Gurney Drive,

Choosing a hotel during travel is a bit tricky for us.
We have to be smart and did a lot of surveys to get a good value.
Wish we can just simply choose Hard Rock, or G hotel without worry about the price.. errrrrr....

After a couple days of searching, we found a hotel nearby Gurney Drive with OK view.
The hotel cost us about RM 275.00 a night as studio suites with 1 super king bed, 
1 living room, 1 guess' toilet and our own toilet.

With some old Jacuzzi in it.

The Living room and bedroom

The hotel not exactly located on Gurney Drive, but walking distance.
When the first time we arrived and check around.
I found that the hotel is a bit stingy in providing amenities.
Not enough shower gel, not enough hand towel,
Not enough soap and hand wash..

If you noticed the bed's picture,
There is some funny shape at the bed cover.
The funny shape came from two -queen size bed cover arrange together to cover the king-size bed.
I guess they don't have a-big-enough bed cover and duvet..


kind of funny,
But it's OK
The hotel itself a bit outdated but quite clean.

View around

All the rooms are sea-view
With tiny fishing boat and some container move around every second.
And nice hot sunrise.

Gurney's beach is not a sandy beach to swim and sunbathe,
But more of a corner side of Port Area.
We can't really swim in it because the water is too dirty (well, I saw some general worker have a picnic, catch the fish and swim near the sewage area and they are looking happy)

But the Gurney offered a nice walking path to run and jog around.

Checking and checking

The swimming pool is at 9th floor. 
Not that big but just nice with cool view.
We made a couple rounds to cool us down.

Nothing really fancy here,
But comfy enough to sleep.

Intan is in Kuala Lumpur

Intan is one of my old best friend,
I met her for the first time when we study together in IPB (Bogor Agricultural Universities).
I was a very nerd girl from kampong, and she was a gangster from Jakarta.

We just match, study and hang around together since then.
But she only stays for one year, and move to bigger University.
However, we still maintain the friendship until now.

Before Ramadhan, 
Intan spare her time (and her $$) of course to fly to Kuala Lumpur on the weekend
just to visit me.. (sweet huh....)

We didn't do much during her visit because I have class in the morning and Mr is very sick at home.
*Sorry darling, I have to leave you for 2 days to roam around with my best friend.

Durian before Movie

We met in Bukit Bintang and stay at Radius International hotel.
And she got me two boxes of my fave tea.
Thanks a looooott......

We watch some silly movie,
Purposely choose a silly movie just to make us laugh and relax.
I can't afford to watch some serious or even horror.
Stress me out..!!

Drink, Movie and Tea

After the movie we had a late dinner in some Fish and Chips place..

Dinner Time

It was a short but very good visit.
Thanks a lot for visiting me...
See you in October before you fly to Beijing.. :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Penang Weekend Getaway : Day 2

I totally got nothing to do,
Its your luck sit in front of me

2nd day in Penang where we planned to go to monkey beach, but end up with randomly taking a bus to somewhere we didn't even know what we're going to do there. The plan was just short random wander around, back to hotel, take some towel and bag to go to the beach. But we were end up waiting a-never-come-rapid-Penang. We were way too tired to go to the beach after a silly wander around and blister on our feet,
we went back to Gurney Drive to get come chilled beer.

Gurney Plaza next to G hotel is a convenient place to eat and drink.
A big shopping mall with some nice terrace to sit, watch and talk about people
Chilis, Michelangelo, Starbucks, Nandos, TGIF, Morganfield And many many many more. Can't decide where to eat, We just stop at the restaurant. One each...

Some munch

munch munch munch
Bruschetta and nice Italian meatballs fro Michelangelo Roasted chicken, Fajitas and chili fries from TGI Fridays And nice lambchop from Chilis. How do we move back to the hotel? WALK....!!!! We choose to walk to make the food run to the right place. Was a big meal though.

Gurney Plaza

talk talk talk

Evening cocktail at Eastern Oriental

A nice place, nice hotel, very quiet and peaceful.
Near to Padang Kota Lama too...!!!
The hotel interior reminds me of a Mayestic hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and Imperial Vung Tau.
Very old and colonial style.

Silly Around, Yes

Nice lounge and bar..
But no TV here, where we need to watch F-1

Decided to look for  some place which have a big TV screen

Stranded here....

At 4 pm we ran to Airport to catch up 5.30 flight back to Kuala Lumpur.
But oh well... Rainy makes our flight delay.
And we have to wait for another hour.

I couldn't find the flight schedule,
I got you donuts instead..

Was a nice short weekend trip..
We should do more, but apparently I can't.
I need to save $$ for another plan..

Monday, 1 July 2013

Penang Weekend Getaway

We close the first half of 2013 match with some short vacation

Thanks to Mr.
He treats me a short getaway to unwind all my craziness and to catch up with my sister after so long.
With not much preparation needed. Just a tiny suitcase and backpack,
we reach  the airport at 7.30 in the morning. Sleepy.. YES..
My first time fly with firefly, the tiny aircraft. I feel a bit nervous.
The aircraft is tiny, the walkway is tiny, the engine is tiny. IS IT SAFE..???
Yes, of course it's safe..

we still sleepy...

It doesn't take long for the such tiny aircraft to boarding and depart. So simple and convenient.
At the same price I pay for Airasia, I've got free 20kg luggage allowance,
 fruit juice and selection of snacks.
Airasia I have to purchase  everything..
Now I wonder why I am so stuck in Air Asia (victim of  advertisement I guess)
40min flight to Penang.. And yes, we reach the Place too early. Decide to get some breakfast before the room is ready.

Penang is like a love - hate relationship with me. 
The food is good, but I never able to decide where to eat.
The city is nice, but the traffic jam is sickening. 
The people are friendly, but the taxi price is pain in my butt.

Mr. Pot was became one of the eating options for our brunch.
Just a simple eating place like Chinese Kopitiam style selling simple food and plenty drink from
coffee, tea, juices, and  alcohol.I help myself with Tuna sandwich and some Lor Bak 
(deep fried home-made chicken sausages with
some random spices), We had ice coffee and beer.

Checking around the facility

Walking back from Gurney drive, we check-in to the room.
Not really bad, I guess it's worth the price
Bit old and stale, stingy with towel, and shower gel.
But overall it's nice

The room is big with super-king bed, separate living room.
Two bathrooms (guess bathroom, and one big bathroom attached to master bedroom)
and Jacuzzi


We give a try the Jacuzzi,
yeah.. I feel like an old silly person who never seen jacuzzi before.
Well, we don't have it at home..

So, why not..
add in chilled wine and beer..
We made the afternoon..!

In the afternoon, my sister arrived.
After chit-chat and some silly shopping we went to hawker centre in Gurney Drive
to eat some local food.

Random Food from the night market

Penang is a paradise of food for people who really fancy of it.
Bihun sup, Char Kuew Teow and satay tonight.
I want to eat Penang famous pasembor, but no space more space in my tummy.


I guess we went mad about food,
Most of the day we only eat, eat and eat

All about food

Don't forget to give a try the Briyani and Nasi Kandar too...

We didn't roam around too far like when we have Langkawi and Bali trip.
We couldn't find the place to rent motorbike.
Car..?  NO...
Somebody will go crazy stuck in the traffic jam..

So yeah, we only walk around nearby Georgetown and Gurney drive TO EAT...