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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Little Jakarta: Ayam Penyet

Little Jakarta
Ground Floor, Pearl International Hotel, Jalan Kelang Lama
Little Jakarta is just a small restaurant but I saw it always full with people.
The restaurant been there for couple years actually but I never really take my time to give it a try when I crave for Indonesian food. Instead I will take a long journey to Chow Kit area to get meatballs soup (bakso).

Ayam Penyet came together with smashed chicken, tempe, tofu, steamed  vegetables and sambal.
RM 9.90

The chicken is quite moist inside with ccrispy skins outside. Everything was perfect with nice tempeh and (smelly) cabbage which I have to transfer it to the next door.
I hate raw cabbages yes...

The sambal was perfect, not too hot and flavorful.

Ikan Joget is
 fried tilapia, with sambal and pickled carrot
RM 14.00

I amaze with the size of the fish,
Its totally worth the value of the food

They seseparated the meat from the bone before deep frying to create a dry-crispy- edible fish bone.

Hungry face

Yes we do

The food is totally worth compared with the money we spent.

I forgot to snap of the menu,
But they have a lot of Jakartanese, Sundanese and other Javanese food such as:
Soto ayam, rawon, gado-gado, siomay, es teler, es cincau, etc

We were very satisfied with the food. Everything
Especially the size, the amount, the taste
Overall the restaurant is great to give a try and to be a daily lunch destination.

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