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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Never get enough : Home BBQ Dinner

Home Cooking Dinner...

When we try to be healthy and savvy,
We clear up the kitchen and make another mess..
To created a great quality home cooking

Thanks to Mr for the effort, to feed me a good food every time I feel hungry
*well, I always hungry..

Jumbo Italian Sausages (beef), mashed pumpkin mixed with potatoes, steam veggie and baked bean.
(Baked bean, I don't like)

I like the way mashed potatoes mixed with pumpkin.
It makes the mashed softer and sweet.
I can even eat it just like that..

Mr taught me many times how to  make a good mashed :
Soft boiled potatoes, Soft Roasted pumpkin,
Salt, pepper, butter and milk
Mashed when it still piping hot

but I still fail whenever I made myself... hiks :'(

Grilled Chicken Wing, Potato Wedges, Steam Veggie and Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob:
Boil sweet corn until cook.
Wrap into tin foil add in salt, butter and pepper (hmm.. Im not really sure, I only noticed Mr put butter)
Roasted 200 Celcius until you feel bored...

Grilled Chicken:
Heinz BBQ sauces, tabasco,  ketchup, garlic... (the rest I can't remember)
mix all  with the meat, leave it rest at least for 1 hr
Half day marinated in the fridge will make the taste even better.
don't forget to cover the bowl with cling wrap

 You can grill on the grilled iron or roasted in the oven...

Crispy Potato Wedges:
 Boil the potatoes until aldente.. (how long..? dunno...!!!!)
as long as its cook, but still crispy
cut in wedges..
put on tin foil, sprinkle with olive oil, salt + pepper (fresh cracked Jamie Oliver black pepper give you better taste than anything)
Roasted for about 30 minutes

you get crispy, healty potato wedges.. :)

Lamb Kebab, Roasted Corn, Steamed Veggie, and Roasted sweet pumpkin

Spinach, butter, salt, pepper, crushed garlic
mixed together and heated
(in the pan, around 10 minutes. Microwaved : 1 1/2 minutes)

Stir well, ready to served :)
how much vitamin inside..? don't ask me..

ready to buy in BIG grocery..
RM 10 per skewer

BBQ Chicken Wings, steamed broccolli and mashed potatoes.

never get enough with home made BBQ chicken...


Grilled peri chicken, corn on the cobm halfed chicken burger, herbed rice, fries..


this one ordered  by mistakes.. ha ha

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