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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Clean-The-Drawer Tuna Pasta

any short shape pasta with tuna bolognese sauce

an extra lazy weekend, 
I don't want to do anything but sleep and study..

the office work has destroyed my sleeping pattern.
while I'm sleep, the barge, the dredger, the crane... follow into my dream


runaway to home in the late afternoon, 
pretend to be deaf with the phone keep ringing...
was exhausted with work and end up with ignore the phone..

oh well,
Saturday evening, should I keep answering phone where all about stupid questions?
call for emergency case OK
stupid questions about work on Saturday evening : go to hell, use little part of your brain buddy..!!

Since I read some random blog about cooking, written that eating pasta is better than eat white rice.
Pasta made from whole grain while extra polished white rice are not...
I don't know whether it's true or not, but her statement makes me feel less guilty eating pasta very often. 
Now almost everyday I ate pasta,
I am too lazy creating some fancy food.

 That was stupid excuse, in fact i had lot of time and shopping around with Yana my office mate and went to groceries.

But again, what i picked up was two bottle pasta sauce.   errrrk.....!

Only after reach home i wandering why i choose pasta sauce while there are plenty option to buy.

checking cabinet, clear up all the dry stocks and all bottom line of jar.
I manage to made myself  tuna pasta bolognese (Bolognese al tono..? maybe..!)

no recipe it just mixed of canned tuna, half jar of pasta sauce (I use kimball, cheaper) and sauted garlic in oilve oil..

good, filling up...
now sleep...!!!

FAD*** you not allow to call me after 6pm, especially on Saturday!!!!!


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