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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tumpang Makan Rumah Kawan

Emma's House
Bangsar Hill

Emma and her husb invite me to have dinner in their house.
I was thinking Ems will cook something nice..

I hunger myself purposely to make my stomach able to load anything, hoping there will be loaded home-made food.
(actually not hunger myself, but I am hungry. The pain on my body unbearable)

When I reach there.....

this is what I got.. ('.'!)
the food spread...

Samosa, stir fried sausages and potato wedges from the shop downstairs the condo

and Wantan Noddle soup just for me also from downstairs restaurant 

(Actually I have to share with other friend)

Nice Wantan Noddle,

thanks alot Em,
you know that I am lonely, Sick, can't be bother to cook but hungry...

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