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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Olio Beef Spiral Pasta

I hope i give the food name correct

What are you doing when it is Monday night, you already half worn out from work,
additional having night class
followed by long hour taking bus to go home..


can't think about something else, but rushed home - hot shower - light food - warm tea - fresh made up bed,
and panda's cuddle..

Since my panda is not here, so i cuddle my laptop.
Yeah..?   Y.E.E.A.H..!!! cuddle the laptop..!!!

Learning IELTS become more interesting now,
not just to get high scores but I learn how to write in a proper way. Not just talk rambling and out of topic.

In this IELTS stuff, I still struggle try to get my scored higher. 
Still with my weakness in reading section,
but lucky me...
my College friend lend me lot lot lot lot of his IELTS book from his previous test.
And willing try to find extra book if I need more (thanks... really appreciate that)

I really need to keep myself sober for the rest of the month until test day.
Focus on study,
do not tainted the brain with this vacation, that vacation... party here, party there...


only after that, I will swim into red wine in bath tub..
until whole body turn into purple...

OK, enough with all silly imagination.
After reach home, having shower and brew some tea.
I keep thinking about having aglio olio pasta for my lunch tomorrow in office.
The easiest food I've ever able to figure out after instant noddle.

Simple, Light, and easy to combine with any kind of protein sources..
from Seafood, chicken, sausages, and now..i created with beef

with Aglio olio base,
sliced of blackpepper steak, and served with freshly cracked pepper.

Get the recipe here

easy - cheap - good - healthy =>  survival food

But I don't think I will ever buy any kind pasta in a fancy shape again.
This spiral pasta taste not really nice on my tongue. 
Gooey outside, aldente inside. 
or al dente outside, still hard inside..
(or maybe just my psychology about the shape)

I love the conventional spaghetti, fettuccine, and Linguine.
They are look sexy at the time when we eat it. Rolling the fork over the plate or spoon,
and make a bit sucking noise to make whole long part of noddle go inside of the mouth,
only by then we chew it slowly.

Totally different with this short shape fancy pasta,
I only drop my spoon, dig them deep and load it  in the mouth. 
I feel like crane barge loaded by mud rather than human eating fancy pasta.

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