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Sunday, 3 July 2011

What We Want

Girls falling in love with what they hear,
Guys falling in love with what they see

thats why
some girls put on too much make up
and some guys love talk lie

and me sitting here drinking "green tea"
pretend to be smart watching share market on tv 
(where I pray hard the monkeys will let me change it into Animal Planet)
**at least I will watch something I could understand..!

Two days stay idle with no program, end up with = drinking in front of TV.
I hate this kind of feeling.
I would prefer being too tired, worn out with lot of things to do.
Stay Idle makes me feel like I stuck in the lift, with no phone signal connection.
Tried hard find activity, where I end up helping friend cleaning up their house (where i can't be bother doing that in my own house)

hiks... hiks... hiks... awfull weekend....

what a random evening...

1 comment:

BuzyBugz said...

what a beautiful sikil, huh?hahaha