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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Prawn Mee

Tesco Food Court
Scott Garden
Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Been 14 months I have this Nikon D3000,
and by that time I only used "P" mode..

haven't use the other mode yet (I might use M mode next 5 years)
such a slow learner.. haha

The result is not dramatic, but I see myself doing better day to day... **so proud of me :P

Prawn Noddle I had in Tesco Food Court,
Quite expensive where they charge for RM 6.00

not that good.
I forgot to asked to change the noddle into vermicelli.
I don't really like to eat the yellow color noddle, I can taste the chemical there..

the gravy was OK
not too thick, not too fatty, not so oily

just the spices is not really there,
it more taste like colored-water

lot of vegetable and fresh (surely fresh, just pick from Tesco groceries)

good thing, 
they use fresh prawn without head..

easier to eat ;)

OK enough taking picture,
people watching me with a weird eyes why I keep snap a pict of food,

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