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Friday, 1 July 2011



Was thinking to go to Carlos, Pavilion.
But sitting there alone will make me look stupid. Better I go to Social,
nearer to house..
(And bigger portion of Nachos, and cheaper...)

have wine for appetizer, food company and dessert
(I think one bottle is enough to cover all of them)

sms-ing Ems, asking whether she wants to come or not...
next 30 minutes she arrive (means we share the bill and calories, haha...)

one of my favourite stuff... NACHOS..

different with nachos we got in Chili's, Fridays or even Hard Rock cafe where they arrange the tortilla chips in tidy sweet way,
and little bit of cheese, little bit of meat, and one slice Jalapeno pepper..

those kind of food arrangement = troublesome, where it gives you "in between" feeling. You don't eat other things, you will feel hungry. If you order something else, you will be too full.

but this Nachos JUST RIGHT

They throw everything in one shot, in big amount
with loaded of cheese, meat and very less lettuce... 

no vegetable? we will eat veggie on salad, not in Nachos.. haha

they also do not charge more for extra guacamole...

can you see it..?

the other food..
Prawn tempura

soft prawn covered in crispy-fat batter...

I start able to figure out why i still stay on size 8
(size 6, i dream of you...!)

FootNote : do you know how hard take a good picture without blurring them after you had 1 1/2 bottle wine?


happy trying.. :)

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