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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Asem-Asem Buncis (sour bean soup)

A food for the homesick old woman

the old woman not only suffer from having messy back pain, but she also have stomach pain, and feel homesick where the old woman miss her not so old mother.
**the stomach pain and the never relief back pain due to the old woman is getting old and she is stubborn.

She loves to fall asleep on the floor in front of her laptop instead of spend her evening sit on rocking chair, roll her join and watch sunset from balcony (haha, what kind of old woman is this..!)

I guess nothing we could do except let the old woman grow old faster and let her die from back pain.

when the old woman miss her hometown, she always runaway to food (just like when she feel stress about job, when she broken heart, when she feel mellow, or when she feel angry to anything)

everything has to related to food and eating activity, because the old woman loves to eat.

within these couple days, the old woman keep craving about s spicy-sour-sweet soup in dark broth. 
We call it asem-asem buncis.
Asem mean sour, buncis mean bean.
The proper recipe could find here, where the author using totally broken English (but still understandable)

Don't ask about the old woman's recipe,
her recipe  is always inventing a new-simpler way to create a-look-alike food, :P

this is what the old woman put inside of her pot, 
cooking time approx 15 min include wash the dishes.

Broth :
3 cups water
1/2 cups frozen prawn
1 tsp tamarind pulp

2 garlic, 1 onion, 2 green chili *slices, sauted with 1 tbs cooking oil

green bean, carrot slices 1/4 cup each, 2 green tomatoes
*slices or cut in nice way

How to :
mix all together and boil till the veggie half cook.
add in pinch of salt, pepper, sugar, and sweet soy sauce (2 tbs)

ta da...
God saves old woman from homesick by gave her little brain to think a bit about what to eat.

pipping hot soup perfectly match with hot sad-lipton-tea..
That is the only tea she has at the moment, the stock of her favorite tea not arrived yet.
Or not sent yet, because her mother was too busy with the arrival of new grand daughter..

The old woman can't take cold drink... she is too old,
i think she got osteoporosis too..   *not in her bone, but in her brain

brain osteoporosis because she can't figure out about what to do for IELTS test... hiks.. T.T
p.a.n.i.c    a.t.t.a.c.k
**the old woman start her drama and brag about everything...
please ignore and let her slurp her soup, grumbling about something,
and don't listen her complain about world

she is just an old woman


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