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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Clockwork Orange (1971)

Cleaning up my hard disk,
and I found an old movie where I can't remember where it from.
The tittle was so strange..

Clockwork orange,
it dates 1971, etc etc etc

awful, sarcasm movie I ever seen.
I can't figure out what kind of person who like this kind of movie,
seems like  drunk, drug addicted, life failure.. and writing when they are on HIGH

but I found some funny stuff on the scene

a very fancy mother with her red-retro  mini skirt and lime-green hair, haha...
I Love the boot

police checking someone's bum and balls?
such a fun job,
hahahahhahaha hahahah...

a disable old guy with his young muscular servant, 
save Alex

look how excited he was,
to see a young fresh guy..

ewwyykkk.... hahahahah

an old mother with ladyboy's face, 
with light purple hair.

my view after watch it :
Totally stupid, un-educating scene.
There is no story inside, just random jump scenes.
I saw this movie more to an expression of failure, frustration, just awake from high,
like a person who unable to face the world sober..

I never high, I always sober..
maybe that is the reason why my stomach unable to digest it and my brain unable to translate,
I just can't find what is the important point of the movie.
Tell to the world how this weird people see the world from their eye.

delete it,
waste my disc space

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