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Monday, 4 July 2011

KL Deer Park


I went to this area last time when Intan visit me from Jakarta,

Last time we went here by taxi from pasar seni,
but today i force myself to walk  from 
Pasar Seni LRT - accross road to Kuala Lumpur KTM old railway - National Mosque up to deer park.

I was think it going to be very far,
but not that bad actually. 15 minutes walk with a lot of shades from the trees, and nice noises from  birds, monkeys and cicada.

After couple days I got new-house syndrom, where I feel unfamiliar with my new stuff,
feel un-homy. I think this kind of outdoor exercise are the one I really need. To boost my mood back.

the other entrance

first time i enter the gate, I am unable to behave myself.
I feel my lung shrinking.. my neck choked, and my nose feel almost exploded.
I cough like hell from the smell..
People watching me like want to say 

"Which planet are you from girl..? never seen something like this?.. eh?.."

I know, its embarrassing... ('.'!)
I just can't help it..
I had cow-farm in my home country, where there also lot of organic-waste produce by the animals.
But they weren't smell as crazy as this.
It's like goat farm..

then I realize,
yes.. deer and goat are brothers.

Beautiful deer...

Just took me couple minutes to get my nose used to it.
Walaaa... after a while, i didn't smell anything..

the walk way..
nice, clean, and tidy...

just need to bit careful, do not lean against the fence. It doesn't really stay strong.
If you are too big or heavy, the fence might fell apart and you scared the deers (almost happen to me, I was lucky no security around me. haha)

couple snap of the deer..

another deer...

information about the deer..


the Deer' brothers

why all the pictures about Deer?
Of course, we are in  Deer park..

I spotted a tree I like.. along the way

so, I snap once more

like an old tree in Forest Gump's movie.
It was 13.00 pm when I visit the place, But I didn't feel the heat at all.
Just fun and bit thirsty.
That is one hint, to bring your own drink and snacks, since food stall is not easy to find
(Totally different with Disneyland)

looks like long walk way, but actually total just 10 minutes

Mouse Deer (kancil)

next to deer park, there is Lake Garden
Where people come here for jogging, walking or photo shoot.

Then, I said
This garden is really big. I can't be bother to walk all the way there.

big and hot

I spot a family picnic
(then I miss you all of go home pleaseee, im alone here)

I just can't wait the school start, and finish,
and I graduate...

snap couple flowers

and my self of course :)

wish I had this in my balcony
*but I finished the flower and gardening money to drink with Emma couple days ago.. haha

Next month OK

and Lavender alike

but no Lavender smell at all

can you spot a bee?


another Chrysant

a very common Chrysant

I just realize that the flower doesn't really plant into soil. 
They still stay inside of polybag and just put as they like...

couple days when the flower gone, die, dry..
they put a new bag..

wasting isn't it?

Nice hand made walk pad..

Last snap for the deer before i walk home

on the way out, near National Mosque
there are two car stall selling some local drink, coke, mineral water,
and some snacks

I stop a while to get myself jelly grass drink (cincau)

bring my mood back..
I thank to myself for able to force my ass go out from the cozy house while the weather very hot.
And walk around breathing outside air..

OK i think it's time to go home and nap..
On evening i might check the swimming pool.

Happy Weekend...!!

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