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Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Own Steak

a cheap source when you need protein in high amount....

no Chili's needed, no San Francisco Steak needed,
no Outback needed...

served with fresh carrot and mashed potatoes
(I don't use any butter or anything, just extra virgin olive oil and bit salt)

we banned butter, cream, whipping cream and their brotherhood in our house!

rare (or extra rare..?)

need 30 second each side ;-)

speedy dinner,

now.. back to book and PC.. 
this IELTS test even harder than what I think.
Look, i've been speak English more than average people did,
Still try-out IELTS test and TOEFL test i got awful score..

I should able to get 95/120 for iBT TOEFL
(and my score was 67/120 only...)

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