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Friday, 15 July 2011

Aglio Olio Tuna Pasta

high carbohydrate food,
calm you down..

that was the theory,
soupy soup works better on me..

do I need to put up the recipe? or just add my rambling story between the pictures...

Still with my IELTS and TOEFL disease,
I just can't get rid of it, the test will held in next 3 weeks. Now I try to force myself to study as much as I could because I can't be bother to get result less than 6.5

The University need minimum 6.5 IELTS scores (eewwkk, feels like am going to study in US not Malaysia). Oh yes, the test is damn expensive too (half of my salary)

Anyway, we sacrifice for good.
There must be some a worthy payback in future.
When I do pre-test myself, listening => good, writing => good, speaking => good, reading => BAD

All the reading is about heavy social science, not just general reading.
When I sat for reading test, I feel like I was sitting in Dr. Lai's class for Strategic Management.

But again, no point to complaint about. No matter how much I complaint, it will still like that...
and will be like that forever.
No option but study i guess :)

freshly cracked black pepper corn, 
the shapes are uneven because I cracked them with hammer and plastic bag  :-D

similar taste still...


fully stomach,

sleep now..

NO...!!!!!   STUDY..!!

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