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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Soft Tofu Clear Soup (Again)

Light dinner to reduce body heat (or body fat..?!?)

Been many days i suffer from a messy back pain. 
Where I almost unable to feel anything but pain start from both of my shoulder, down trough my back bone.

I was lazy (or too stingy, or too scared) to go to doctor to examine whats going on with me,
and went to massage centre near the apartment instead.

Oh yes, the Asian style massage was great.
The masseur step on my back, beat me, punch me.. hit me with her fist,
twist my neck, hand, legs, and hips creating a several broken sounds.

It was feeling great after massage, and makes me sleep like dead.
the next day, I just can't feel anything but pain. Now even worse..
I totally can't move my body. It was more feel like you just got beaten by five Indian gangster the night before. Awwfuull....
When I checked on the mirror, I saw plenty deep bruised on my back.. 
So,I give up and I went to doctor seeking a help.

The Doctor said, the caused of my back pain was because my back bone hold too much heavy mass.
I was keep thinking what he tried to say to me, but then I realize and ask him back
"Too heavy mass, is a fat on my stomach you mean?"
The Doctor just quiet and nod his head. Give me prescription, then ask me to go away...


HAHA.. off course not. That was stupid joke isn't it...!!!
I got back pain because I swim too much. No matter morning, afternoon after work and evening I went swim. And this place, the swimming pool is too cold for me because its located in the middle of building. No chance for sunlight to warm the water up.

I just can't be bother to have brisk walk, slow run or jogging. Swim..swim..swim..swim... 10 days continuesly. End up with back pain and several light fever (Ignore the fever, it's handle-able)


Egg tofu is a popular ingredient in Chinese food. Usually they will deep fried and cook it on slimmy-corn starch gravy base.
**I love those kind of dishes too, but I don't know how to make it without fail

I love the taste of mixture Egg-y mixed with soft aroma of soy bean in a soft form. The taste itself quite blend, where makes this tofu easy to mix in any kind of dishes without afraid the aroma will dominate another ingredient.

 Like usual soup is the first thing come up in my mind when I decide to cook myself.
Here is what I use for my yummy soup :
soup :
-2 cups water, boiled with 2 teaspoon chicken powder (knorr, royco, magi etc)
- add salt and pepper
- add in carrot slices, green (chaisin, sawi, spinach, anything you could find in your fridge), and soft tofu
- serve with spring onion and fried shallot.

It just nice to gulp the broth followed by warm tea...
Very relieving...

The dinner was light enough to avoid my back suffer more from additional kilograms..


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