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Friday, 20 January 2012

My Best 29th Early Birthday Present

Counting Day to say good bye to 28 year old Kelley
Counting day to welcome a 29 yo Kelley

some present arrive early...

1. Sharon and Me bought this :

to replace this :

**yaiy, finally we have flat screen TV
 more comfortable to eyes when we watch football, 
 badminton, animal planet, or Korean drama.

2. And I got this  

hand bag from my little sister.. 

3. This is my awesome present :


(Thanks a lot....)

the present arrives in a correct time,
 replaced my old-pinkish-broken-hand-phone
you always know what I need... :-*

I love my new phone A LOT....!!!!
like having mini computer on your hand.

look at this,

facebook, Yahoo Messenger, twitter, skype, gmail, office mail, hotmail,
google.. (you name it)

anything you want,
just download the application.

this is my favorite application...

see.. see.. see.. 

ho ho ho (you just have no idea how happy I have this..!!!)

blessing life :-)


Paty's Kitchen - Cook with passion. said...

Happy 29th Birthday Kelley and if you celebrate CNY I wish you Gong Xi Fatt Cai..and may the year of dragon brings more luck..properity, health and happy. Cheers and be Happy always.

Kelley said...

thank you Kakak Paty,
I do not celebrate CNY, but I ate oranges and Mandarin,
and all the hamper more than people who celebrate it