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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Another Checklist Plan

I shouldn't do this list, 
I promised myself to do not make too many plan but relax, rest and give myself sometimes for study and tidy up my room.

But I just can't help, 
I wont stay in Malaysia forever, maybe someday I will leave for better place
or maybe I will die (who knows)

and here is several place I want to visit while I'm still here or alive..

 A place need to visit in 2012 :

1. Pangkor Laut

picture borrow from this awesome blog

2. Cameron Highland

In Cameron Highland, people will too busy pick Strawberry or visit tea plantation. I wont do that, I've been visit many many many tea plantation and Strawberry farm when i was study in Indonesia.

this time, I will cross to moss-forest.
Look at that, stunning isn't it.. 
remind you with Harry Potter and Lord of The Ring...?
Maybe I will wear some ugly and dirty costumes, then take some picture.

3. Teluk Cempedak Kuantan

pict taken from here

this place, I have no idea how to go there.
but definitely will try...

The food are nice
very fishy...

Of course there would be another boring genting highland, Bukit tinggi, Port Dickson, Sepang Gold Coast, Penang, Langkawi, crab island.
the same place each year to visit.. (because I know how to go there...)

A place need to visit before I leave West Malaysia :

1. Tioman Island

a small Island near Johor and Pahang,
Will go here with my little sister... :)
(we plan it...!!!!)

2. Pulau Redang

don't know how to go here...
but worth to try

3. Koh Tarutao National Park

not hard to go here,

Take cheap Air ASia,
Fly to Langkawi, then take taxi/drive to Kuah Jetty Point (or if you stay in Westin Hotel, then Just walking distance to the Jetty Point)

Buy Fast Ferry ticket from Kuah Jetty Counter (for budget traveller)   
Rent a Yacht in Telaga Harbour (If you have too much ringgit to waste, or girl friend to pleased)

3 hours ferry, 
and ta.. ra..... National Park, Scuba Diving Park, and  NO JELLY FISH...!

4. Kuala Lumpur - Hat Yai - Hua Hin - Bangkok (by Train)

Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Rai, you name it. 
Have stunning view, but Hua Hin has steal my heart for many many years.
It's my dream place I want to visit in South East Asia,
too bad I haven't had a chance to visit this place (for sure someday...)
If Santa ever came to my place and ask me "What do you want for Christmas beside school..."
I  will answer HUA HIN and it's vineyard..
(oh well...    or without Santa, I will still go there with my own foot and hand)

sooner or later, those place will checked from my list



catz said...

Hi kelley,
how are you??

wah..such a great plan for 2012..
I also plan to travel by train to bangkok (Hua Hin)..macam best kann!!

nice blog..i love both of ur blog.
u such an adventurous that,.

salam perkenalan.

Catz Miow.

Kelley said...

Hi Catz,
I am good here... (survive..)

I really want to go to Hua Hin, been long time,
but haven't had chance..
memang macam best...

thanks for like my blog, is soo random..
sometimes I confuse what I wrote, haha

keep writing...!!1