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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bubur Ayam : Chicken Porridge

Another rest day for abuse stomach

then I created this one :

Chinese New Year Lunch, CNY Dinner,
Birthday lunch, birthday drink, birthday dinner,
makan this, makan that...
chewing this, chewing that..

December - January - February are abuse season here..
I feel my mouth and my stomach like grinding machine. 

And today,
we decide to do not go anywhere and just stay at home. Eat home food, in a very light way.
Hide all the tidbits, cookies, and crackers balance from CNY hamper.

CNY Oranges..?
doooh... please.... no more..
I've had ulcer, sore throat and cough from too much eating Chinese New Year Oranges.

Now the questions,
Oranges should full of vitamin C and cure sore throat, ulcer or anything related to those silly problem.

don't asked me..
ask the chinese oranges farmer why they can creates
hundred containers of tangerines and ripen at the same time.

What I am talking about..
out of topic eh...? ha ha ha..!!

my recipe is quite out of the topic because all I put inside was totally different with any recipe in internet.
The key of nice porridge is how you make a good plain porridge,
the condiment and topping could be whatever you found in your fridge.

I use 1/2 cup of rice with 4 cups water,
click in rice cooker.
Add in chicken bone ( boil first, or left over from roasted chicken).
Not from raw chicken, I hate the "chickish" smell on my food.

Add in :
- Ginger slices
- Salt
- Pepper
- Soup powder (something like this) to add the aroma. Oh well, the correct amount of salt and pepper are already give a nice taste of basic of the porridge though (according to my tongue... heheh)

When the rice and water start boiling in rice cooker,
switch the click from "cook" into "keep warm"

wait until the water do not boiling, stir well. And repeat click the "cook" part
Cook - stir - warm - stir - cook - stir -warm -stir..
till you find the thickness you desire.

For condiment, I have :
- Half boiled eggs
- Shredded chicken meat from left over of roasted chicken
- Deep fried sliced chicken sausages
- Crackers (keropok)
- Fried Onion
- Black pepper
- Celery
- Curry gravy (balance from last night's Roti Telur)

sometimes recycle food could be very interesting to served


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