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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chinese New Year Dinner


It's been our company culture to have annual dinner each year,
and its happen a week after or before Chinese New Year.

Just like tonight..

If you noticed, I brought paper in front of me. 
Yes I had exam the morning after CNY dinner.

But this dinner is compulsory, and we can't escape..

watermelon Juice for Fika

Mango Juice for me

Yee Sang to mix around,

Celebrate Chinese New Year with mix Yee Sang only happen in Malaysia and Singapore.
I don't see something like this anywhere.

Yee Sang is vegetable salad mixed with nuts, crackers, salmon, prawn and plum sauces (I guess)

a very colorful food

toss the salad, and yell some kind of Chinese words or phrase where where most of them means :

Money, Rich, Gold, Money, Dollar, Ringgit,
Rich, Money, 

we serve ourselves after toss the salad,
this is mine..
taste good I love it..

I love the fun of mix around and yell around about something which is I don't even know what was that.

And, like usual..
Sigh... I hate myself sometimes.
Been in Malaysia for almost 6 years, and mixed with Chinese community as well.
My brain, my stomach, and my psychology still can't accept the way Chinese style dinner party.
With many kind of food,  many people, crowded with lot of noises, and confusing..
Everybody seems too rush take food to their plate, and I keep too busy between 
serve myself - eat - or take picture
(frustrating, I know)

This restaurant is better than last year,
the food do not serve in pile..
small amount, and not so many food
(means, I less confuse)

Chicken Soup for starter
(They agreed to do not serve shark fin soup)

taste blend
**more to tasteless

I like it..

easy to gulp

Stuffed Chicken Wing, taste good...

Duck jelly Soup..
I can't figure out who invented this kind of food.

hearty-meaty-sup tulang taste like in a cold jelly pudding..

can't even swallow it.

call me Kampong gal, I don't mind..
But I just can't eat something too creative.

fish cake inside of chicken wing..

steam fish with black fungus

the waitress took my plate before i ate it :'(

salted napa cabbage, abalone and broccoli cook in a slimy gravy ,

want to know what inside...?

after the surgery,
you can see the inner part

its a crab meat (or crap meat)
with Abalone and broccoli
served with slimy gravy

(don't asked me how the taste, I din't even try)

Bachang, or Bakcang,

depend on which country you are in, and what language you use.

Indonesian call it Bachang, made from fragant rice filled up with minced chicken cooked in 
sweet soy sauce.

Malaysian call it Bakcang (hokkien dialect) or other thing,
made from sticky rice (glutinous rice) filled with chicken, mushroom, salted egg-yolk, 
barley, nuts, everything you could find in your fridge.

sticky rice filled with salted eggs, peanuts, mushroom,

wrapped in bamboo leaves, and steamed.
I love the smell of bamboo leaves stuck on the rice.


I like this desert,
snow fungus and pear boiled in "not-too-sweet" syrup

the whole family member

can you spot who has been drunk..?

Was really fun and nice, the end of the dinner we have lucky ang-pau 
where everybody don't know how much inside of the red packet.

I win RM 50 for the lucky ang-pau,
nice one.. haha
was hope that the grand prize would be one trailer-hopper dredger (1 Million Ringgit) haha..
then I will  just rent out my dredger and register to PhD next year.
(apparently not, grand prize was Rm 150)

still hungry, so I went to to eat shepherd pie in KLCC

Happy Chinese New Year...
I'm glad I have a proper holiday...

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