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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weekend Date : Underworld 3D

Spend weekend in Kuala Lumpur
too lazy to go out and roam around.

Finally we just stay at home, cooking, cleaning, laundry-ing..
and lie around watch dvd on computer..

When the sun bit cool down,
we manage to crawl till Mid Valley Mega Mall

yes we watch underworld 3D,
RM 20 for each ticket, include the glasses.

EXPENSIVE....!!!!! *sigh..

then we start blame each other, who take too long to shower, who take too long to make up
and who too busy eating till forgot shower.

anyway, we want to watch this.
And we don't want to change to other movie

pop corn set..
coke set..
seat, set

couple pose before the movie start

this is my lil sister, she is cool..!!

the big sister...!!!

Underworld is a good movie from my view,
I like when the Vampire woman slash the Lycan's head "just like that"
Died in one second.

Better than thriller movie where we can see people die slowly and full of pain
(I am not a fan of those kind of movie)

Better than Twilight, where the vampire very pale
and look not enough food. And too much silly love story.
Bella-Edward, very gay.. (lol)

we watch this next time we have extra $$.. =)

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