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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dumpling Soup

Enough with stomach abuse,
stuffing my mouth with anything I wish.
Make me end up with additional 3 kilograms in my body, weewww...

The thing about living in a multiracial place,
festive season celebrates all year round.

Just yesterday we done with Christmas and New Year.
Bloated with Turkey and Roasted Meat,
Now we have Chinese New Year which another big dinner and lunch invitation everywhere.
(not Include my birthday, where I celebrate whole January)

I should rest my stomach and my fat reservoir,
otherwise I will turn like a hippo by end of the year.

so yeah...
I back to the kitchen :-)

Dumpling soup tonight,
my hand made dumpling cook in a clear soup.
I copy from here for idea, but of I minimize what inside of my bowl to make it less crowded.

Crowd make me headaches..!!

I thought make dumpling or meatball, wantan, and their familia is very difficult,
but actually simple and effortless.
Just need to practice more to creates a sexy shape of dumpling.
Also, we can make dumpling a lot at one time and  stored it freezer.
Defrost and throw to soup anytime we want to.

dredge the bottom of the bowl,
and I found this cutie slices..

Should sluurrp these home-made soup and stop high-carb dinner for at least one week, check Paty's kitchen more often for the home-made dinner idea and more work out.

hope I can lose some...
Prepare my stomach for next festive abuse season

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