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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

La Bamba Mexican Cantina

when you crave for Mexican food,
what first questions in your brain...?

How many hundreds ringgit I have to withdraw from ATM?

Hell yes....,
sad but true.
I love Mexican food, but I can have it as often as I like
cos of scar-ringgit..

always cost me at least RM 100 for me and my lil sister

RM 9++ for Mexican lunch,


well not,
I had lunch today and the price are correct.
No hidden cost like Air Asia..

the restaurant from the outside,
you are welcomed by cactus..

book corner,
a place to read while you wait your food. 
Maybe they have some reference for your report and assignment?

Pray hard that inside of those bottle are Smirnoff, apparently my prayer is not granted.
When I taste it, 
Its distiled water.

one of the owner

the table mat catch my heart,
I love the concept

simple and nice table setting,
very casual

you don't have to worry about your dress, make up or hair style when you have lunch or dinner here.


check the menu,
you will love with the price...

my  fresh squeeze ice lemon tea
Fresh and nice

standard drink in Malaysia, always too much sugar.
I forgot to order "less sweet" and "double glass" for me.
One is not enough.
Next time..

Kids Corner

It is creative to have kids-corner area, where most of kid can't sit quiet and tempt to run-around and make noises.


And finally my food arrive..

Quessadilla and french fries..

The portion is just enough for one person, 
no too much fries, no too big portion of food.

**remember we never able to finish any food in Friday's or Chili's, always huge left-over. 
You want to bring it home, of course its embarrassing.. you want to eat it all... then no space for beer..
** hard decision..? YES

I like the way the restaurant owner prepared the food which is just enough for our stomach.
And i can easily order another side dish,
and order another drink,
other chips..

Nacho chips and homemade salsa 
(one bowl not enough)

should make the bowl bigger...

Nice  Lunch,

pocket friendly,
taste great,
good services,
nice owner
here is the link for the adresses and promotion

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