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Monday, 30 January 2012

Kuantan Trip 1: Telok Cempedak Beach

Yaiy, i checked one of my 2012 travel list
Telok Cempedak...
Finally I visit this place.. :)

Kuantan is only around 3-4 hours from Kuala Lumpur,
Convenient place to make a trip from non-driving human like me.

3 hours bus, from Pudu Raya Bus Terminal (Kuala Lumpur)  to Kuantan Terminal (RM 22.20)
15 minutes taxi from Bus terminal to Telok Cempedak beach (RM 15.00)
get taxi in the counter to avoid killing your pocket if you not sure about the price.

But if you think you are sure,
You might stop taxi on the street, and the cost should be less than RM 15.
(Telok Cempedak, is less than 10 minutes taxi from the bus station)

not really..!!!!

I was too frustated look for a place to eat, where all the places still closed :'(

footprint and the sunrise
(and my vincci sandal too)

quiet beach, with lot of sea shell
I was plan to collect it, but I forgot
I was too busy think about where is the foooooddd....!!!

no one wake up yet I guess,
the beach very quiet with one or two chinese couple walk around to take some picture.

they are enjoying the morning breeze like me :)

I guess that guy also hungry like me,
he sat very quiet and hold his stomach..

tried hard to convince myself that I do not really need food this early,
look at my chubby toes and all the finger.

remind me with the coctail sausages..

finally able to capture sharp picture..

many locals here,
seems like Telok Cempedak is a place for weekend getaway for people from Kuantan city, and Kuala Lumpur.
I spot camping site. Which is great too.
very savvy, and I believe it's fun!!
Can do BBQ, Chit-Chat, Gossip, Eat, Drink, Drunk (the local not drunk, woops)

End of the river, goes to the sea..
clean water

blue sea and no sign "beware of Jelly fish"


I can stay here all day,
just sit, eat, and slurrpeee my ice lemon tea

and being lazy


Will go here again next time..
With better option of the hotel.

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