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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lamb Chop

Chili's Mid Valley..

Exam just finish,
my brain burn out, rotten, worn out, deteriorate (I learn this word from Mike)
But glad I am not die yet,
Exam is done...!!!!

Party tonight..? Nope, stay at home..
I am tired.
I want to sleep then tomorrow I will buy my Samsung galaxy S+


repeat the menu,
I went to Chili's Midvalley, next to my house..

seems many people feel what I feel,
Hungry tahap gaban.....

Long Queue just to get the seat,
lucky me
I own the whole sofa myself...
Even I could lie down and rolled around here if I want to..

bottomless plain tortilla chips with salsa,
RM 12.50++

good value for big eater like me :)
** I record I asked the waitress to refill around two times,
end up with I hurt my mouth and tongue

Lamb Chop with mashed potatoes, RM 29++

Skip the veggie and toast,
I can only managed to eat the lamb and half of mashed potatoes.


even no space for the drink...

**foot note 
In my mind I used to have something to do list, even planned couple days in advance.
And tonight...
(this is one of my problem)
I was really look forward to have this night,
no study, no exam, no assignment, no work till late.. all done
I should be relax,
but 3 hours after my exam finish, I start wander around what I'm going to do cos i forgot to planned what I'm going to do after exam..
(too bad, I found no idea... )

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