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Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year First Drink


HAPPY 2012,

put the shit, nonsense, drama
and anything that doesn't make you happy aside..

time to touch up the rough life,
into smooth and nice 
just like a marble 

I went nowhere during New Year Eve,
only sit in my balcony watch fireworks.
Download some drama movie, and watch quietly.
Inside of my heart still wish, it's not 2012 yet... I still have pile of written report to do.

but oh well,
deadline is deadline, no matter how slow or fast you walk.


Call up a friend, 
to went out for some beer after swim, and after unsuccessful conversation in skype with MD,
(I get mad...)
now time to cheer up myself,
to reward myself for being so awesome...
(ha ha, compliment yourself as much as you like... it feels good)

Nice Quiet Place, in a Nice Quiet Housing complex..

a wide range of cheese, salami, ham, bratwurst, English banger,
olive, salad dressing, pickle..

for your Tapaz, Sandwich, Salad.. or (I don't even know what are they for)

wide range of good wine
(not for today, too hot for wine...)

sit in backyard,
plenty family spend their afternoon here too...

I spot a tiny little creature called miracle..
he laugh, run, talk mumbling, laugh, run and make a joke to me which is I don't understand...
(but I laugh a lot too..)

When I asked him a name, he told me "Joh-nah-tan" in a funny Chinese English.
Very cute.. cute.. cute.. cute.. and steal my heart.
I can imagine how great the feeling to be his mom.

Bubble Tea for two to refresh the day..

Watch Sherlock Holmes after this..

I will take easy this year,
not much checklist... I'm tired..

Happy 2012

good message from me :

shit will always happen, 
but don't use it as an excuse to ruin your future..

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