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Monday, 5 August 2013

Kuih Raya in the Making 1 : A Very Random Cookies

Aidil Fitri is only counting the finger

yeah, another 4 days to Hari Raya,
The office is being empty, everybody went back to the hometown (or home-country)
Not me...
Not my luck yet... (Hopefully next year)

Cooking has never been my skills at the first time,
Don't expect me to give up to learn cooking ya....
I still give myself a try to cook a new thing to improve my cooking insting.

no mixer needed

To contribute the Hari Raya fever,
I use my Sunday afternoon tried to make cookies (find the simplest, easiest, and no mixer recipe)
I use this recipe but doesn't really follow the instruction.
I reduce the amount of sugar into 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup.
And my hand was too itchy to add in more flour when I saw the dough is too gooey..

Shapeless but tastes good

Should bake on baking sheet, but I end up with bake it on tinfoil... :-P
Should bake for 7-9 min, but I give it  20 min coz I found the middle of the cookies look really wet..
My brain said it's better to be overcooked rather than undertake

Way too hard crunchy cookies instead of gooey and melts in the mouth

Ko ado..??

It's fine though...
Just a first try and the result are still edible lol

Should practice more often *wink

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