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Sunday, 12 February 2012

AIR BARLI (Barley Drink)

It's a good drink to cure the body heat

Panas Dalam (Body Heat) when we ask doctor, no medical condition can describe what is that.
But I feel Panas Dalam is side effect from dehydration or side effect from consuming too much
alcohol and spicy food.

The feeling of panas dalam is very uncomfortable,
started from never ending thirsty, sore throat, ulcer, cracked lips, digestion problem, etc

Since I live in Malaysia, the local taught me how to cure it, without too much expenses..
Air Barli (Barley drink) is the best beverage to cool down the body heat.
In some article I read, this drink also good to cleanse your stomach (no more constipation), and clean up toxic on your body (no detox patch needed)
Which is mean, extra benefit in one cup..

**BUTTT... of course, you will gain benefit only if you do it regularly,
don't expect after you ate mutton curry 24/7 for 30 years, teh tarik for 24 years, and  all the acid in your body gone by drink just one cup of this drink

this method same like how you reach your dream.
don't want to go to school, then expect you will have pile of certificate like other friends..NO NO NO

nothing instant in this life OK.....

made from pearl barley, we can purchase everywhere..
(In Tesco, RM 0.60 per packet) it could make 6-7 cup drink.
Soak the grain, rinse...
and boil with water, screwpine leaves (daun pandan) and rock sugar..

best serve warm..

(I tried my best to cut medical expenses for travel back to nature medicine)

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