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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Balik Kampong 2 : Home and Fam

finally I am home.
Glad meet the whole family and sleep in the house which is belong to us.

Been a year I didn't home,
Nothing much change since I left for study and work.
As a Javanese who tried hard to keep our ancestor culture and tradition
(while we don't even really know what is our tradition actually)
Here I would share a bit how we survived in this world.

keeping a pet is a must!
Ugly and Unfriendly look little smelly stupid cat,
makes me want to spray some water to it

This stupid cat doesn't like me at all....
I just wonder where my mom pick him from.


Dinner wanna be..
Prevent us from malnutrition..

you hungry, catch one, slaughter, and roasted... yumm!!!!

my room

That is lie, haha..
I don't even have room in my house.
So, I slept here in my sister's

Dressing table
(also not belong to me)

Big living room with less furniture,
we love our house like this, plenty space to wild around without worrying we smashed or break something.
I remember when I was kid, I ride bicycle or play badminton inside of the house when it's raining.
Nobody yelled or scream at me.

(So now you know, whose fault if I grow become a wild and never follow the rules)
Ha ha, yes.. blame my parent..!
Blame my parent for let me free, choose whatever I like,
and taught me to do not bother what people said.

Grain stock,
Rice to feed family whole year round.

another rolling around area,
we have TV which almost never ON

again another badminton field.

I love this place,
with Mango, Guava, Starfurits and Banana trees around.

toothless little creature that always melt your heart..
And now those house would be part of this little creature's childhood and her siblings.

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