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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Perhentian Island 2013 : Abdul Chalet and Restaurant

Apologize with the crappy quality picture. Samsung galaxy doesn't give much option for me.
Abdul Chalet is located on the same line with Tuna bay,
Coconut and marine conservation officer in Pulau Perhentian Besar (Big).

We knew that the occupancy for August gona be super pack,
we decide to book it as early as possible.
Yes, we start to emailed the hotel soon we purchase the flight ticket.
Great we manage to get Deluxe Seaview for RM 215/night.

The good thing about this chalet is located exactly in front of the beach.
I can just chill in the porch and enjoy the breeze while
Others rush around the hunt for the best spot to lie down on the beach.

In the morning, I brought some bread to feed the fishes too

Water is only five steps too..
I can just run and dip my but as much as I like.
The room is quite fancy and big with air conditioning, nice floor,
nice wall and big shower room with water heater.

The thing about staying in a chalet with sunset view in Abdul Chalet is:
1. Afternoon Sun could be extremely too hot till the air conditioning couldn't cool the air down
2. Sunset view is always become favorites of everyone, where your quiet afternoon could be bit crowded and noisy.
3. The price is always higher than other views.
4. Housekeeping is not available for daily services, they will clean the room and change the towel during check-in/checkout.
5. The red color of the curtain makes the room even hotter. Doesn't help at all.

We were quite lucky because the water at the beach is very clean,
and coral reef with plenty fishes is just walking distance.

When other people need to take a boat just for a snorkeling trip,
I just need to walk and bring my mask.
Can start and stop anytime I like

This is how I enjoy most of my morning, afternoon and evening before dinner

The food in Abdul Chalet is not excellent, but not bad too..
It's a typical standard for restaurant food in Perhentian Island.
The coffee is way too sweet (just like other restaurant).
The price is quite acceptable (well, it's actually super cheap)

The restaurant doesn't sell alcohol, and not allow us to bring alcohol in public areas.
Usually we will ta-pau from cocohut and drink in out porch.
Some of the breakfast and lunch,
Tuna Sandwich and fries + Juice = RM 18.00
Toast and Mushroom Omelette = RM 8
Poached Egg and Toast = RM 6
Coffee tarik = RM 3
Malaysian Coffee (served in the pot) = RM 5

Malaysian coffee is way too thin, you can't taste the coffee in the drink.
Just black colored water.
Better to order individual coffee, and separate sugar so you can adjust the sweetness

Another corner of the resort is another good view.
There is a walkway which could be dangerously slippery 
Love to walk here early in the morning or late afternoon.
The sun, the clear water, clean breeze and all the calmness of the quiet island.

You will feel like you need nothing in this life but this happiness

RM 30 pp include BBQ, Steam Rice, Jacket Potatoes, Free Flow of Salad.

Dinner in Abdul Restaurant is actually not bad at all,
Compared to Tuna Bay and Coconut, Abdul has the cheapest price of the BBQ.
But again,
Don't ever try or think to compare them with any BBQ in a five star hotel.
Of course they are different.

The bonus...
make sure you close the chalet door properly when you go out
or else.. 

gecko, crocky, lizard, mozy,
sugar glider, monkey, rabbit, iguana, orangutan, GODZILLA..
anything you could imagine living in the jungle can join you sleep tonight

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