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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Picnic in Putrajaya

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Precint 2, Putrajaya

Saturday afternoon, couple weeks ago.
My sister came down to Kuala Lumpur during her day off, and we went to Putrajaya.
Basicly we were look for a nice park to rest and relax,
but most of KL area we already went.

Some more Putrajaya has a special occassion.

Enjoy the afternoon breeze, the not so hot sun,
Stretch the legs, chit-chat and watch the kids play around with the family.

Simple chicken rice from chicken rice shop, and muffin for picnic.
Didn't really match with the event...
I was hoping to have cold white wine and some fruits..

From far, we watch a billion people buzzing around the giant balloon,
I don't really interested to stay near them.
The fire blow to the balloon scared me.

So,  I am happy enough to watch it from far...

One by one...

nice and cute...

but tiring...!

We leave Putrajaya after the sunset by Nadi Putra (Public Bus)

Short, nice, simple way to spend Saturday afternoon...

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