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Friday, 9 December 2011

Vietnam with Love : Saigon River Night Safari

a night after I we awake from hangover,
we manage to went out and walk around to see what is Saigon river look at night

actually me nagging to walk around,
cross the dangerous road with billion motorbike try to run over us.

Enjoy the colourfull boat floating around us

that is floating restaurant where you can dine, sing, drink and have a night tour around the river. We should have dinner there tonight, but somebody was party too hard and get really sick =P

nice night view,
I love the colour the camera created

Floating cruise

close up view..

the Godzilla boat sailing with colourfull light,

the street stall, selling some fruit salad
snacks and canned drink

me and my sick face,
promise wont do that again next time..!!


couple smile for ice lemon tea

nice night photoshoot,
minus the smile

i like their traditional dress,
very cute

It's late now,
time to go back to hotel
hot shower, warm tea, cookies,
American football discovery channel,
and nice pillows

good night..!!!

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