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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Vietnam with Love : Ho Chi Minh City Day Tour 2

Benh Thanh Market
District 1, Saigon.
Walking distance from Renaissance

a lady selling baguette
seems France has a very high influence to the food here
no normal white bread like us

Chinese style roasted duck, chicken, pork and their friends

the guy gave sour and suspicious face to me when I took the picture.
Different with street vendor in Thailand where they always very happy when we took picture of
their food, shop or even the person (they know it's a free marketing for them)

another baguette and the filling
ham, cheese, sardines.

 Look very appetizing in picture, but not in real
at night some unbelieve-able people love to pee in side wall and leave yucky aroma in the morning.
You will think twice to buy and eat here,
unless you really sure you have strong stomach to handle it.

prawn and tiny fish and cockle
(I bet they caught it in Saigon River in front of my hotel)

look fresh and yummy...

fresh flower

wet market which is totally not happening
(different with Thailand..!!)

Anthony Bourdain went here for Bun Cha
(grilled pork served with boiled vermicelli I guess)

another street food

Pho for VND 20,000 a bowl (USD 0.80)

I had my Pho in hotel for VND 280,000++ a bowl.
I can get 14 bowls if I eat that street vendor, sitting in a tiny plastic chair and tiny short table made from boxes.

And watch people moving around with their motorbike..

~just like this lady~

(Mike won't happy I sitting around and eat a food I don't know where it's from, haha)

that creme building is the famous market selling everything-you-look-for
the guy in cycle keep tried to ask us to get on it
the seat is too small, not enough to handle my big ass.. haha

Inside of the market,
plenty colourfull souvenir sell here

all of those crappy souvenir (not for me)

I am not fan of buying souvenir or stuff which I don't think I will use or wear.
They will just stay dusty in the house.

tidbits to die for..!

same stuff sold in Petaling Street Malaysia

the market from outside

billion motorbike waiting to run over me,

but I manage to cross the road safe. Mike taught me how to cross the road and yes, we crossed road even closed the eyes.

Christmast everywhere,

cool decoration

but we need to keep walk to find better place to sit and get shelter.

we like this drink place
Aircond.. Aircond..
save us from the heat..!!

owh.. look at that..!
chilled beer in a chilled mug

can you see the bubble...?

the quiet environment,
peacefull and nice

upstairs they have some outdoor terrace with umbrella

so yes,
we found a place to eat steak when we crave red meat

we bought this, 3in1 coffee, spring roll sheet, and vietnamese style coffee drip.
cute but I don't know how to use it.

all over, was a very great trip.
will go there again next year (except drink way too much and end up feel like shit the next day)

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