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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Vietnam with Love : Ho Chi Minh City Day Tour 1


it was a 50 celcius I guess,
I feel half fried under the sun.
My dark skin getting even darker.
i want to roam around...!

the Opera House,
nothing happen during the day.
But if you visit at night, it will very colourfull and happening.

the street seller,
I'm in love with her cone hat.
she sell an extra thin-like-waffle bake in charcoal and some bahulu (mini sponge cake)

I want to take her picture, but again...
don't take picture if you do not buy anything there. They would scolded you like mad.

They sat on a small stool with a small table.
Very cute..!

Christmas decoration start put in everywhere.

Yes, plenty place start to put up the Christmas decoration.
Just like in Kuala Lumpur,
we love to put Christmas decoration as early as we could.

pose a little bit to welcoming December

This view is very common in a side road in Saigon. We walked during lunch hour, and guess what?
everybody start came out from office and make their own group to have their secret lunch.
In a secret stool, with tiny secret table, they have their own picnic.

If you see there, not only "street people" eat on the street,
but cute ladies from offices and shopping mall, and plenty of them wear the business suit enjoy their lunch on the road side.

more and more people coming in join them lunch.
Me..? no I can't
I can't eat in a place without aircond or fan.
I would too busy tried to cooldown myself rather than eat my food. And make me lost the appetite.
Very distracting...!

If I work in Vietnam, I would buy it take-away
and carry it back to the office. And eat it relax-ly, slowly, -enjoy-ly with cold aircond and comfort chair.

and cooking in a road side also a common view here.
Mike said the fish caught in Saigon river, where they swim and eat pollution.

Double Hot..

some unique dillapidated building covered with billion motorbike

hard to cross the road

eh.. double shoot

smiling around next the roadsign

cool Volkswagen.. can fit the whole family and pets

that is the statue next to hotel,
means we are home..

very hot day, and we need to rest for tonight party...!!!

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