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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion


We went to Pavilion to buy some undies for us.
Parkson Pavilion always have cheaper undies for women if compare with other Parkson.

It was jammed, 
full of people when both of us arrive.
Usually I crazy taking picture about anything, include Christmas decoration.
But not today,
I am too lazy, too hot, too thirsty, too hungry..

Chicken Burritos (RM 20++)
Nice sauces, too thick pancake,
too little chicken
and left bloated feeling in my stomach
(oh well, i ate one of them after I eat all of my Tacos)

Not sure, 
whether people eat too little or I eat too much..

my half eaten beef tacos with lot of cheese, meat, and all its friend & family
nice and filling...

(RM 28++)

Friday's version is more shredded vegetable than meat, and soggy tortilla.
Carlos has more meat and crispy tortilla

 bubble tea for the companion
(RM 18++)

hunt for good stuff after lunch,
there we go..

Nice Day Off.. 
Good to cheer up the
no-party-no-activity-no-family-no-friend-no-vacation-no-outing-presentless Christmas...

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