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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2012 to - do (New Year countdown)

Day - 11

Not many thing I need to do for 2012,
can I call it new year resolution..?

NO, we call it checklist

OK, If I said i want to do diet, I want to exercise more, I want to quit drink alcohol,
I want to study harder, I want to loose weight, I will stop drama...
=> what a bullshit checklist

here is the checklist need to be done :

- HPV Vaccine x 3
- Change new glasses (my glasses been chipped  for too long, and disturb the eyesight)
- Change Linux back to windows
- Change new phone
- Cut my hair
- Visit Hua Hin vineyard
- Got a new color for my hair

Some bullshit can't promise to do resolution are :

- Swim more
- Stop Thai-boxing and Join yoga to ease my back pain
- Stop whining and being grumpy
- Grow up a bit ( honestly I don't even know the definition of grow up)
- Stop Less Alcohol
-Stop Less Swearing
- Eat more vegetable

that it,
not much plan for 2012.
I just hope I can focus more on study and just study, work and my future.

And wish that 2012 as beautiful as 2011,
would not refuse if God give me a better moment each day though..

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