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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Vietnam with Love : Ho Chi Minh City Welcome


Saigon is easier in my tongue, 
even the city has change the name into HCMC long time before I born
still easier for me to call it SAIGON 
just like the beer name, and the river along the hotel

a good way to ended up the month
lovely short trip with the love one :)

Yes we are in Vietnam again...!!! hows the feeling?

don't you like my fancy phone? cute isn't it. 
This is not smart phone like everybody have, it's a stupid phone. No signal most of the time,
and only several keypad work.

yes, later.. when we have enough Ringgit to strecth

20.30 landed in Than Shon Nat Airport (I hope I spell it right)
neat, clean and tidy airport. Free  WIFI too..
Love it..

waiting for almost 2 hours, Play around with my iPad.
Ah, I just download new book which is very cool. Thanks to wifi that keep me occupied :)

ass crack, not appetizing at all..!

we here..!

cool view from 18th floor

all year lantern,
and Atrium lounge with Piano.
I love the place smells so cinnamon

part of the lobby

cashew nuts :)

tiny-winy-bity bites

Longue or Executive longue,
the one with free flow alcohol, snacks and juice all year round

free fruits and tiny souvenir.

bad thing about this hotel was :
1. The housekeeping never bother to fold or tidy up my clothes
     my bra been sitting there for almost 3 days, nobody bother to fold or tidy it up
     the hair dryer misplace, nobody bother to put it back in the box
2. The fruits been there for 2 days, nobody bother to clear up or change with new fruits
3. My bag, scarf, paper spread all over the couch and stay like that for two days until i clean it myself
4. Tissue paper still there
The housekeeping very frustrating.

the living room.
big TV, big Sofa, and dining table (please ignore the bra)

the coffee maker and coffee pods  which creates a failed coffee

huge bed room and big bed

basic toiletteries

Chewy so excited with his big bed..!

He feels like King there.
Chewy start imagine he rolled around in the bed for the whole day with cold aircond, fresh sheet  and Animal Planet everyday.

the view from our room..

River Saigon upfront,
a very busy river with plenty barge, ferry, tanker and container roam around.
As busy as the road.

some I-don't-know shipyard

the statue in front of our hotel.
Wasn't really sure who is he, but seems like he si very important person in the past.

and a fancy Vietnamese beef noddle with slurpee broth..
VND 280,000++ (USD 15)
damn expensive but worth the taste

Pho to die for..!

shower no need, change clothes no need, wash the face no need.
Slurp the soup once it arrives :)
good night, tomorrow we have very busy day..!

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