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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fried Crispy Mushroom

many many times I made this stuff and failed,
but I do not give up

I keep tried, and I made this...!!!

walaaa... I can make fried mushroom as crispy as what I have in Chinese morning restaurant..!

Jusco sell mushroom very cheap today,
and i just think if I bought 3 package in one shot I can learn more how to make the mushroom as crispy as in restaurant.

several google,
I found that to make it crispy is :
1. mixed the flour with egg and ice water when you make batter
2. squeeze the mushroom to drain the excess water out.
3. after fried, drain the excess oil in paper towel
4. that it :)

I use pre-mix fried chicken flour.
so, I don't know what is the spices or how much I have to put
(please read the package)

I am such a lazy food blogger don't I..?
No recipe,
no proper way to cook,
no proper amount.

and ask the reader to read in package..?


intanbaiduri said...

Kalo bentuknya gitu, nggak ada yang ngiler :p

Kelley said...

heh, don't see from the look.
taste it.. taste it.. :D