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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Reza B'Day

I think Im genius, I set the hospital appointment same date with Reza's birthday. So I took half day leave for many purposed.
Back from my appointment, continued the trip to Uni submit my school work,
followed by buying this and that.

The balloon already arrived when we reach home.
Like it..

some of the ammunition,
I am very ready for the battle..!!

I love celebration,

Balloon everywhere... friends, family..
talk rubbish..

Hope my birthday would be like this too...

give a pose when the house is still clean,
before the guest arrive

I am too excited,
thought it was my birthday.. :-P
(I also want this kind of birthday.....!!!)

Couple snap of myself with my long hair,
(won't have it tomorrow)

(next month might wont have all of them, hopefully not that bad)

sexy asses competition?
I didn't feel any ass when I touch it, 
it was bone!

this one I can say yes..
pretty isn't she?
the smartest student in class

another misbehave kids

K-pop pose is very popular tonight

Nissan Fairlady Club
(except me, I join rapidKL club)

two cakes for one birthday boy,
very lucky...

hang on.. the other one is Christmas cake :D
I don't eat them, my stomach almost exploded tonight
( as an excuse, If I said I don't eat chocolate, they call me weird)

we should bring swim suit tonight,
the pool is warm and just nice..

cute Birthday cake..

the mess

the animal kingdom member
try to behave as we could for photo session

we just eating too much, 
and become too cranky..

then Mr Mustache suggest to move the party to Hard Rock Cafe
because the house getting too crowded and the neighbor start complaining.

sign that we drunk and high have fun and happy...

we brought our baloon to HRC


(My head busy think about my work in office while doing this)
but I still can take nice picture without blurring it.

too early to be wild..?
Oh what to do..
can't help it

Blame open Tequila at 9pm...!!!!

the band is great,
plenty nice song.

But I noticed, the music and the song always repeat from pub to pub. They sing almost similar song.

the lil bro, passed out..
he is half dead.

the party is not finish yet,
but I have to leave early for work tomorrow.
they move to Port Dickson for sunrise (sounds weird eh, sunrise on west coast)
but oh well, what you expect from wasted group...

Nice and Fun..
It's good to have it once in a while :-)

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