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Monday, 5 December 2011

Farm Frenzy : Pizza Party

Taken with Samsung Galaxy S+
quite good for phone camera isn't it

Gathering in Idah's.
We had Domino's delivery services. Easier than travel to restaurant and eat there
(Imagine the heat, traffic jam, hassle get car park, wait too long to get the food, lunch-hour crowd...)
no.. no.. no.. no..
I will tired and lost the appetite before the food arrive

So, gather in someone's office was the best choices.

We have Pizza today..!

bloated number 1 : BBQ Chicken Pizza

number 2 : Soft Bread

number 3 :  Meat Lover

number 4 : BBQ Chicken Wings

starving face number 1

number a lot

food orgasmic..?
no comment... hahah

 happy to meet and have lunch gathering once in a while

not much story...
Just eat, chit-chat, then back to our pplaces
it's like an indoor picnic,
with aircond, quiet, and relax lunch.

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