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Sunday, 4 December 2011

MASA Annual Dinner 2011

(or whatever it is)

Nice ice carving..

the datuks, datins,
YB, PM, Minister

all those important name arrive.. 
(but I don't have time to talk and say HI to them)

just able to wander for couple second,
can't chit-chat with other guess

me, in front of the sign.
I can see my arm as big as wine bottle..
(time to hit the gym back)

the co-worker

when I saw this table setting, I know that the food will served in Chinese style.
Not my favourite...!!

I kinda tired with Chinese style round table buffet eating,
too many kind of food and we eat in a rush.
The waiter keep coming in, asking whether I done with my plate yet or not?
While the plate just landed to my table minute ago, I don't even touch it yet.
there are 11 or 12 kind of food we going to eat within 1.5 hour..
yes I eat a lot, but I am not grinding machine..!!!

I am not fan eating in hurry,
and too many hands busy pick this and that.

Can we simplify the menu, 2-3 dishes
Appetizer, main course, dessert or coffee.. (with free flow alcohol go around)
I will have more time to eat and enjoy my food, and talk, 
and chit-chat..
and wandering around.
Surely less food wasted too..

I am not fan of this kind of dining style (more to hate it)
as much as I hate they kill shark just to make stupid shark-fin soup

pot sticker and some dumpling

the blue water
taste like Lychee
and glow in the dark..

nice chemical..!

crab meat soup,
not bad

Steam fish, 

with invite this woman,
make the dinner even more expensive

I don't care about you singing..

Prawn, not bad..
I just manage to eat one of them and the waitress took my plate.

Broccoli and gooey mushroom..

fried rice,
where the waitress carried it away just after i took couple snap
(I don't even eat it yet..!!!!!)

longan and lychee sweet soup

believe me, nobody bother to drink the coffee.
We just play around with the food.

This smile also fake,
we arrive late,
we don't have time to messing around with another member to talk,
 say HI and exchange card.

There are two eyes, keep watching me when people from other company start talk to our table.
She never happy for whatever I did.
what a waste..!
we came here to meet people and build connection,
not just to eat the crappy food.


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