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Monday, 29 August 2011

Dreaming vs Planning

Some people talk about dream passionately,
I talk about planning seriously

When they start use lot of wonderful words to describe how wonderful their dream are,
I start write time line and make preparation to get along with my plan.

When they mentioned my name in their dream,
I translate it as we make a  plan

When they use a fruitful words and still mentioned my name,
I start wrote our time line and make preparation about us

then I realized,
they just describe their random wandering dream
where they never know how sure they gonna make it, and when they gonna start it

Still I translate it as 99% going to be happen

now I understand why people call me stupid....
because i don't know the difference between dream and plan

after 18 years old I dream no more,
I only have plan... (except my dream about weight loss and have size 6)

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