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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Buka Puasa With Marissa

Ramadhan days 6, Saturday,
and I work full day...

feel that I need some reward myself after whole day work,
Meet Marissa and we decide to have break together in Mid Valley Shopping Mall.

Thats her,
It is always nice take her picture because she always ready to smile in every shoot.

Me + Her = Girls talk like usual... (eerrr..... hahah, See....!!!  I'm not totally robot, I can do girls talk too)

Love this restaurant except it takes forever until the food arrive. 
No wonder nobody want to come here for fasting break.
They might end up die in starvation like us.
Lucky I had enough fat on my belly and my bum, so that i still alive when the food arrive.

Overall, i love the environment. Makes me feel that I am not in Malaysia, but other part of the world.
Relax and quiet. No rush or noises, where we can talk slowly, eat slowly.. and laugh loud..

At evening, there is a guy play Piano inside of the giant bird cage.
Playing nice smooth song..
They should burn some aromatherapy smells like rose buds (if you don't know, please visit LOVELY LACE shop, and sniff every single inches of their air smells so rose buds)

then.. p.e.r.f.e.c.t

fill up my bag with all toys i have

Autism part one

Ice Lemon Tea belong to me, Honey Lemon belong to Marissa
great refreshing beverages after whole day fast..

ougghh.... perfect

Marissa and her Blackberry autism (Like Usual)

Nice shoot.. :)

My Chicken chop, taste nice... Just the portion is too small,
I should order triple

Marissa's Carbonara...
too small too..

Ah yes, she is happy..
She always happy to see me (

Me.. Ich.. Aku..

with back ground Mid Valley at night..

Nice old English garden interior..

what else I do, if I meet Marissa or Intan..
talk and... FOOD...

Yes, the dinner was not enough, so we made 2nd round in Secret Recipe..

Cappuccino Large for me, regular for her.
She is a little girl.. so she eat less than me.

carrot cake for her..

 Nice way to spend Saturday evening with friend and having a good conversation..
Hopefully we can meet again soon in between busy days..

have a great weekend everyone...!!!!

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