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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ben's Cafe Pavilion,

Pavilion Shopping Centre, 
Kuala Lumpur

never knew they have this kind of restaurant, mixed of Malay, Western and Italian food.
I roam to Bukit Bintang and Pavilion to often, but always end up in some steak house or star bucks.

Ramadhan, days ... (I don't know)
do not really count it...

Friday Night, after work we meet for break fasting. I was not sure what Ben's restaurant like,
I saw one in KLCC but i have no idea what is the menu look alike..

Nice Cappuccino, I just need bigger cup (same size with my Disney cup at least)

coke for them...

the crowd, 
enjoying their meal..

my besties..

I'm alone, my panda is far away there...

Siti has her nasi ulam,
Delicious Malay food

Reza's steak
nice and succulent, not a jumbo size but taste great..
(that is me.. always want big size, because I am big eater)

My Nachos,
same shape and arrangement like what i had in Social, Bangsar Village.
But no meat at all here, where The Social's Nachos has plenty meat inside.
MYR 14.00++ (Social MYR 28.00++)

Creative way to write complimentary & complaint

less crowd when we order dessert, 
everybody has gone for prayer

last touch,

don't ask me what is the name, it taste like carrot cake, covered by caramel sauces
and toped by vanilla ice cream.

Taste great, not too sweet and creates good joke.
Was a fun evening, a great way to spend Friday Night... 

Happy weekend....!

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