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Monday, 15 August 2011

Break Fasting with Siti

done with IELTS test..

was get up too early these morning, 5.00 am
same wake up time with when i need to catch early morning flight.

Yes, I need to reach British Council before 8.00 am,
otherwise i will late.

Exam wasn't as hard as I thought,
even I feel easier. Maybe because I'm lucky, or because I think nothing about work. The only moment I don't like was, when the group of Iranian women arrive. When they reach the exam place, they start talk loudly.
As loud as  ho**y monkeys in Jungle tried to attract the males. Gosh...!!!!

I don't mean to be racist, but only them who loves to talk really loud inside of the exam places. Even between the exam time. The examiner has to remind them quiet and warn to kick them out if they don't stop talking.
(I will be happy if they out from exam place, their loud voice makes me hard to focus on my paper)

After exam nothing i could think except runaway home and sleep.
And get ready to have break fasting with Siti, old friend from old school..

We should met and catch up before Ramadhan watch football together, but that time i have to stay work till very late. And missed the chance to meet her. So, today is the payback of my meeting "debt"

little bit messy with misunderstood of some people, 
spread our "threesome" meeting into whole Battalion, but didn't turn up... Maybe they have their own reason translated all of this. I don't know, I'm not smart reading someone's mind.

Anyway, who cares.. My main intention is meet Siti, and catch up with her.
The rest can join if they like, and please remind quiet if not interested. SIMPLE LIKE THAT

We free to decide where we go,
we change to seafood steamboat finally..

here is she with her new blonde hair..

I knew about these steam boat for long, but never been here because the place are quite far from KL city.
hardly access by public transport.

food spread.. 

All about seafood...

and seafood...
all fresh and wide range..

I was too hungry, and too busy play around with the "cooking" section.
 Can't be bother take to move around and take picture of the whole restaurant.

her again,

I forgot take my own pict :-(

the result of my cooking...
only now I realize i should bring the scallop shell home, to make wind chime..

look cool isn't it..?

spread of the noddle.. (not for me)

spread of traditional Malay "kuih" or cakes..
for break fasting
I love the red colour cakes with lot of shredded coconut.. (don't know what's the name)
I might ate 6 or 7 of it :D

spread deep fried stuff...
Yumm and sore throat..

keep cooking Siti,
i will take your picture before you change your hair colour again tomorrow..

our table spread..

the crab.. 

I don't know how to eat them, haha...
I ate crab meat from the can, but never really touch the fresh from shell..
try to cracked here and there, with lot of effort..
but I only got very small stuff to eat..
drive me mental..!

yummy baby octopus.. 
can't stop eat them..!

billing time,
very affordable..!

And time to go home,
I stay in Siti's place tonight, lazy to go home.
Sharon is in China, she will only back next week. Guarantee I will stay alone if I sleep in my own apt.

"Desperates Housewives"  time..

coffee-ing, chit-chat-ing, and relaxing after fill up the stomach with many kind of sea creatures.
I think it's time to go to sleep...


we need to go out for late supper...
and driving around watch people on the street...

thanks for spare your time, do not work, do not travel,
and stay in KL just to meet and spend time with me..

It is really nice  and I had a great time :)

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