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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

French Toast and Cinnamon Apple

a real breakfast menu

fasting break or breakfast in Ramadhan,
everybody has many kind of food on their table to grind up, but not me...
too poor too have food like feast  :'(

the stupidity make the brain couldn't figure out what to eat..
was spend my last 30 minutes in front of Bazaar Ramadhan (something like night market selling food)
I just walk from tent to another tent.. from stall to stall..
watch them cook many kind of food..
by the end of stall's row.. then back again to another stalls.
totally can't figure out what i want to buy. My brain able to think only three stuff 

Hot-lemon-tea, couch and animal planet..

when I reach home,
the same thing happen.. I keep open and close the fridge door,
can't think what I'm going to make..

wasted another 30 minutes in front of fridge,
by the end.. I only can figure out creating a real breakfast food
French toast and sugar syrup.. (lucky i didn't think about cereal and cold milk)

French toast, with apple cinnamon syrup is a real breakfast menu...
I like the taste of apple slices soaked into boiled brown sugar,
it feels like a first kiss in your mouth..

Strange in the beginning, but addicting.. ;-)

it is good to put on top of pancake and waffle too..

whats for 2nd round baby...??

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