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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bakwan Sayur (vegetable fritter)

Malaysia call it Cucur, cengkodok.
Indonesia call it bakwan, badak (east Java)
Engrish call it fritter

I call it...
hmmm... as long as it taste good, then eat.
Don't bother what we call it.

A very popular snacks among Malaysians,
we have it for morning breakfast, or afternoon tea, or just evening snacks...

I love the bite size fritter rather than big one like what we used to found in street stalls. And street stall's fritter usually fried with an "old" oil which already change the colour.. (more like lube oil rather than canola)

force me to learn about how to make my fave' snack myself.

it took me sometimes to make me able fried the batter in a good round shape...

I got the recipe from here, but change the some of the spices... 
I add extra pepper powder to replace the chili paste.
and no turmeric powder added.

fried till golden brown and crispy...  oooouuwwwwhhh....

if you noticed i still use the sachet style of chili sauces. I found it taste better than the bottle one.
I always get fresh opened sauces every time I want to eat something (If you notice, your chili sauces will taste different after opened more than 1 week)

Ha ha,
that's me, pretend to care about the taste. Main reason was :
1. I can't make a "cute" curly shape using sauces from bottle
2. That is the only sauces I have tonight, the sauces from bottle which i keep in the fridge are too tough to spoon out.


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